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Review Summary:

Make a Song – Gorilla Band 2 is a fun animated book with a musical theme designed for young children.

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Make a Song – Gorilla Band 2 is the second book in the Gorilla Band series. The book is a good way to teach kids that music comes from many things, such as the animals and sounds found in nature. Music can be more than what comes from those types of music players requiring batteries. Gorilla Band 2 is similar in design to the first book, Gorilla Band. Read our review of Gorilla Band here.

Features include:

  • Two story options
  • 3D interactive illustrations
  • Text highlighting
  • Book navigation features
  • Ability to delay interactivity


This app contains navigation features we have all come to appreciate in book apps. The navigation menu allows for easy movement through the book.

Tips, hints and credits are available from a menu within the story. This informational only page provides some details of what can be found in the app, such as the two story options, songs, etc. A better fit for this page would be within the protected section for parents as it adds little value in its current location.

Animations and illustrations are a bit disappointing, both need additional work. Animations should flow better making the movements smoother and the illustrations are not of the quality one would expect for 3D technology and in an app of this price.


Make a Song contains the two standard story options found in most book apps, read myself and read to me. The read to me feature includes clear narration of the story and text highlighting. The pace of narration and highlighting of the words is a little too fast for beginning readers.

One of my favorite features is found in the options menu. Adults have the ability to delay the interactivity within the story.


The ability to easily navigate between the songs and story options is a feature kids are sure to appreciate. Two songs are available from the main screen. Little ones like when they can access the activities, such as songs, without being required to navigate through the entire book.


Multiple options for enjoying the story and two songs are a good start for this app. Increasing the quality of features such as the animations, illustrations and pace of text highlighting would put the price of this app more into range of what parents expect. Animation and illustrations are two design features that are very important to the success of this app.

Child Friendliness

While the developers of Make a Song – Gorilla Band 2 have done a great job designing the app with young children in mind, it isn’t 100% child-safe. Yes, the app contains a protected section for parents and multiple protected menus in other areas throughout the app for items already in the parents’ section. The fact that developers still place some of these items (more apps and join the mailing list) where children can access the protected menus earns this app a lower rating for Child Friendliness. All items meant for adults should be removed from the area intended for children and centrally located in the protected parents section. Gorilla Band 2 does not contain in-app purchases or ads.

Make a Song – Gorilla Band 2 is a fun animated book with a musical theme designed for young children.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars