How to make a Balance bike by yourself

Every child of these days would want a balance bike of his own. And every parent would like to present their child a balance bike not because his/her child wanted but because balance bike is a better way to learn bike riding. It has been found that a balance bike is more effective than training wheels because “training wheels” concept lacks the power to teach you balancing.


Balance bike should be an important addition to your child’s life but then again you have to pay at least 100 bucks just to buy a bike that your child may ride maximum 2-3 years. That is why we have come up with the idea of showing you how to make a balance bike in your home and it will cost you only $5.


  • 10 feet wood bar
  • 18 gauge brad nails (1.5 inch/ 2 inch)
  • 2 child bike tires
  • 1 pipe (size of your child’s grip)
  • Bolts to hold the frame

7 Steps to make a balance bike.

Step 1: First make the steering frame. Make 2 pieces of steering frame 3/4th the height of your kid. Make 1 hole on each side of the woods. 1 for the handle bar and the other for the front tire

Step 2: Attach 1 tire at one hole of the woods and insert the metal pipe from other hole of the woods. So the front portion of the bike is done.

Step 3: Cut 3 inch size 2 straight wood pieces. Attach one of them 2 inches lower than the handle bar then attach the other one 2 inches lower than the first wood piece. The wood pieces should be attached sky facing.

Step 4: Cut 1 piece of the straight wood piece which is a bit taller than your kid’s height and nearly 4 inches wide. Go to one side of the piece and then take off 3 inches from the width and half from the height of the piece. Make 1 hole each at the ending point of the cut away side of the wood piece.

Step 5: Insert the remaining tire in the cut away side. And push the other side of the body frame into the 2 sky facing wood pieces. Push one long nail bar the 2 sky facing wood pieces. The bike is finally made.

Step 6: You can attach a small ‘L’ shaped piece of wood at the upper portion of the body frame as a seat for your kids balance bike. You can also position the seat in such a way that it will also work as a rear mudguard.

Step 7: Go to your child’s room while he is sleeping and leave it just beside his bed and leave. He will be surprised in the morning for sure.

Here is our guide to make a balance bike by expensing only $10 maximum. And the cost can be lower if you have the ingredients in your home already sitting idly just as I had. Good luck with the making of your first balance bike.

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