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Math and Letters Air Control App Review

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Math and Letters Air Control has you piloting helicopters and planes as you identify numbers and letters, differentiate between odd or even numbers, or vowels and consonants, and perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The app is divided into two sections, adventure and solo. Adventure is a mix of all of the content found in the solo section. Three levels of difficulty are available.

Features include:

  • Kid-safe environment
  • Educational content for kids ages 3-10
  • Game style app for learning:
    • numbers and letters,
    • odd / even numbers
    • vowels and consonants
    • addition & subtraction
    • multiplication & division.


This high quality app is a pleasure to use for entertainment and educational purposes. It has the look and feel of a wood puzzle.

Brief in-app instructions, or demo, could be beneficial for those struggling with drawing their line precisely enough for the app to consider it correct. Kids do not typically have access to the You Tube video for the app, nor do we want them to have unassisted access to You Tube. The app is divided into two sections, Adventure and Solo. Regardless of which section you choose, the game play is the same. Each plane or helicopter will have a letter, number or math problem on it. The user needs to draw a line from the aircraft to the correct landing pad; careful to avoid collisions with other aircraft. In the Adventure section, the level will end after 5 collisions; Solo is not limited.

The Solo section contains eight missions with three levels of difficulty each. The eight missions are numbers, letters, subtraction, addition, odd/even, vowels/consonants, multiplication and division. Other than choosing which level of difficulty there is not a method for choosing which objectives kids focus on; such as you cannot specify that just letters E, F, and H, or multiplication 2s, etc., be the focus.

The Adventures section is divided up differently than the Solo section. Rather than choose which objective (letters, numbers, etc.), you choose which level of difficulty. Each mission within the level is different and must be unlocked before progressing to the next. The mission could be any one of the eight topics. Adventures section is a good way to review the objectives from the Solo section.

Number and letter names are not spoken out loud. The app does not contain narration of any kind.

Even with the educational intent of the app, kids are sure to enjoy the sounds of both types of aircraft, explosions of aircraft colliding and the music. Piloting the aircraft is an entertaining method for kids to improve on skills they have already learned.

Having an option to control the aircraft speed may be beneficial for those who are not experienced gamers or who may struggle with the learning objectives.
If you are looking for a high quality app for the kids that not only entertains, but educates, and doesn’t break the budget, Math and Letters Air Control is one to consider. It covers a wide range of educational objectives and gives kids a chance to pilot their own plane or helicopter.
The developer has implemented a level of protection on the menu for parents, which is where you will find all of the external links and social media buttons. The app does not contain ads or in-app purchases.

Kudos to the developer! We love kid-safe apps.APP DETAILS FROM THE DEVELOPER


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