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  • Math Heroes 1
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Review Summary:

Math Heroes 1 is a good app to encourage students to practice basic math facts at all levels. It encourages speed and accuracy, which are both important to success in school.

Math Heroes 1 is a good app to encourage students to practice basic math facts at all levels. It encourages speed and accuracy, which are both important to success in school.



Math Heroes 1 is a mathematics practice app that offers speed and accuracy drills for the four basic operations. Players use martial arts moves to fight their way through increasingly complex tasks requiring them to choose the correct answer for the presented problem.

Features include:

  • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Adapts to performance
  • Play 5 different mini-games
  • Includes 100 levels
  • Engaging play format
  • Game and tutorials in English or Spanish


Math Heroes 1 offers an engaging way to practice vital math skills. Students will enjoy solving math problems with ninja moves, racking up multipliers as they answer correctly, earning stars and collecting stickers for quality practice time.

This app is very easy to use and all features work well. The animation is smooth and the graphics attractive and entertaining. In addition, the support staff was very responsive to questions I had while reviewing the program, which is always a nice touch.


Math Heroes 1 provides a wonderful tool for students to review and practice basic computation. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, beginning with the most basic facts in each area. This makes the app a great tool for elementary students of all ages, as well as older remedial students.

The problems for each area begin with simple fact families, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing by ones and twos. As students demonstrate competence, the problems become more challenging, and speed/accuracy are rewarded by stacked multipliers. If the player responds correctly, the points rack up quickly, which can be quite motivating for young learners. A mistake sets the multiplier back to the beginning, but it quickly moves up with additional correct responses. Even better, the problems themselves adjust as students play. If an error is made, the app steps the difficulty back a notch to rebuild confidence and strengthen skills. Successive correct responses are rewarded with more difficult material.

It’s easy to set up multiple players, as well. The option to customize the avatars even allows users to make their ninjas easily distinguished. Multiple player accounts makes this system far more useful in family or classroom settings.

I do wish that Math Heroes had an option to skip the most basic computation levels. As far as I could tell, everyone has to begin with problems like 1+1 for addition, and similar exercises for the other three operations. I know some students who would be quite insulted by that! Perhaps there could be an option in settings or even in the Parents’ Section that allows more difficult problems to appear right away for users who need that level of practice.


This app will be entertaining for a wide range of age groups. After all, who doesn’t love training a ninja? Each level, challenge and game adds new abilities, skills, and even superpowers to the main character. As levels open up, there’s constantly something new to try out.

Having the increasing multipliers for consistently correct responses is also a genius idea from app developers. Most people, regardless of age, love to see points stack up quickly. There’s something that feels most exciting about seeing that 5x point value in play.

In addition to the challenge of the game play itself, Math Heroes 1 offers a few other entertaining features. Ninjas can be customized in a wide array of colors. Players earn stars for good performance, and also can collect stickers in an album. It will be fun to turn through the pages of the sticker album to see the pages filling up with the unusual award stickers presented after each successful round. The album also provides a handy way for parents/teachers to monitor student usage just a bit, since the pages indicate the type of math that has been completed. Addition stickers, for example, are in the front of the album, and division stickers are near the end.


This app is priced at $2.99, and that’s a good value. It can be used for students in multiple grade levels (first through at least fifth), and can be reset when a new user wants to begin another sticker collection. It provides engaging and relevant practice for students who need to keep those math facts fresh and fluent.

Child Friendliness

Math Heroes 1 is very child-friendly. The front page offers access to game itself, the settings controls, and a Parents’ Section. Click the parents’ link, and users must respond to a multiple choice math problem that requires regrouping. It would take a very determined young child to keep trying to find the correct button, and very little reward for them if they did accidently access the area. There are no links to social media or to the internet. The Parents’ Section does include an email form to sign up for the company’s current program or contest as well as a catalog of other products whose links take the user to the App Store to purchase them.

Math Heroes 1 is a good app to encourage students to practice basic math facts at all levels. It encourages speed and accuracy, which are both important to success in school.

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Rated 5 stars