Math Ninja

My seven year old daughter is thoroughly enjoying the Math Ninja app. It combines an arcade style game with math practice and it does it in a way that’s a lot of fun. You play the game as a Math Ninja who is battling the evil Tomato-San. Tomato-San wants to take your math treasure and he sends his army of Cat-bots and Dog-bots to attack your tree house. First you’ll try to fight off the robot cats and dogs with ninja weapons. This phase involves you tapping the screen as you try to destroy the enemies. Once you’ve destroyed them all the game switches into math mode. A key pad appears on the screen and you’re presented with math problems that you must answer. You’ve got to quickly  enter in your answers using the key pad before Tomato-San  appears. Once he shows up you’ll need to use more of those Math Ninja skills to fight him off. As you move through the different levels you’ll earn money. Money can be used to buy health for your tree house, extra ninja weapons and more. I think my favorite purchase so far was the set of Ninja Stars, those can really take down a Cat and Dog-bot.

The game has three different levels of difficultly, easy, normal and ninja. You are also able to choose what math skills you’d like to practice. You can answer either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems. Or you can choose them all and the skills will be mixed together.

Math Ninja is a fun and clever way to get in some math practice without realizing you’re doing math. I’m going to admit that I found myself sucked into the game beyond what was necessary for review research. I’m going with my daughter on this one and declaring Math Ninja a winner.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Seller: Ray Wenderlich

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.