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Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure App Review

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Use your math skills to fight the battle of good vs. evil. Battle your way through five different islands, earning coins as you answer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations in varying degrees of difficulty.

The extent of the cartoon violence is mild. Sometimes when a correct answer is entered the monkey shoots down the evil villain; no blood or anything gross.

Features include:

  • Multiple languages available
  • Correct answers shown for failed level
  • Short comic strip after conquering each island
  • Multiple user accounts


Many high quality design elements come together nicely to make this quite entertaining for an educational app. Graphics, including backgrounds and characters, are attractive and will appeal to the targeted audience.

Multiple languages are available and can be set in the settings menu.

While the app is high quality there are a few improvements needed, such as the method used for entering answers during game play. The numbers appear at the bottom of the screen 1-9, 0 and a backspace key. This method was a bit cumbersome causing some frustration, especially when having to correct an answer, entering double or triple digit numbers and entering numbers on the smaller screen devices. A keypad layout would make entering numbers easier and in the end making the game more enjoyable; or at least make it an option in the settings menu.

The app allows for up to four user accounts. The ability to rename user accounts would be beneficial.


One island must be conquered before moving onto the next. Four of the islands focus on single topics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and the last island combines all four into the game play. Levels within each island become progressively more difficult, meaning that the first level will be answering simple equations working up to more complex ones requiring double or triple digit answers.

Coins collected during play can be used to purchase outfits with special powers; powers such as earning coins or lives at a faster pace.

Due to how the app is designed users will need to be quite proficient at math in order to progress through the islands. Ideally, the app would allow for the ability to choose which topic and the level of difficulty being played. The current design limits the audience able to use the app. Another option would be to break the app into three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard) placing the difficulty option on the user account so that it could be easily changed as the child becomes more experienced.

Correct answers are shown at the end of a failed level. This feature is helpful in teaching kids the correct answer.


Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure is a challenging and engaging educational game best suited for kids who are proficient in addition through division.

Comic strips of the storyline behind the game are shown upon completion of each island. Each of the islands is set in a different location. These comic strips and the variety of backgrounds and characters help keep the user engaged.

Coins are earned for answering correctly when the monkey shoots at the evil villain; however, coins are not awarded for correct answers when the monkey steers clear of an obstacle. This inconsistency in awarding coins can be frustrating for users trying to earn coins to purchase the next outfit. Even with the surprise treasure chests full of coins that appear every now and then levels will likely need to be repeated to earn enough coins to purchase all of the special outfits. The price of outfits is pretty steep.

The inconsistencies in the speed questions were presented was another frustration, even on the easier levels. The method for entering numbers seemed to play a part in this.


This is a universal app that performs the same on either device; however, entering answers on the smaller screen can be a bit more challenging with the current layout of numbers.

The ability to create up to four user accounts is a big benefit for families who may have more than one member wanting to play the app. One thing the app is missing is not being able to rename an account.

Having the flexibility or control to choose which equations are played would go a long ways in extending the value of this app. To advance through the app, users will need to be able to answer double digit addition equations before moving onto single digit subtraction equations, or multiplication and division.

Child Friendliness

There is one link on the main screen for additional apps to be aware of; ideally, this would be removed. All other links are located in the settings menu.

Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure
Monkey Math - Jetpack Adventure
Fast paced math game for those looking for fun while practicing their math skills; multiple user accounts are just one reason this high quality universal app is a great value. The app does contain mild cartoon violence.
Child Friendly
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