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As expected from Disney, Monsters Inc., Storybook Deluxe is a highly entertaining and child-friendly app that children of all ages will enjoy. From reading to games, this has it all!

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Available on the App Store

Monsters, Inc. Storybook Deluxe is jam-packed with not only the Disney’s Monsters Inc. story, but also exciting games, interactive activities, animation, and narration options that will keep children entertained for days. Children will enjoy revisiting their favorite characters Sulley, Mike, and Boo as they read through the Monster’s Inc. story and watch as it unfold before their eyes as they touch highlighted parts of the illustrations to bring them to life. They will also enjoy the challenge of finding hidden Scare cards that they can use to unlock scare simulator challenges on the “Play” side of the app. The scare simulator games allow children to navigate through toxic human toys and other items in order to practice their scary roar with the simulator child at the end of the game. This is more than just a fun way to keep your child entertained, it is truly a unique experience.

      Features include:

      • Read-along text and voice record narration options
      • Animated segments of the movie in various illustrations
      • Interactive clues to bring illustrations to life
      • Scare card search and find within the story

If you enjoyed the high quality animation in the movie Monsters, Inc., then you will not be disappointed with the quality of this app. The illustrations and animation in this app are comparable to those seen in the movie with some of the actual scenes from the movie revisited within the story. There are also various highlighted areas within the illustrations that allow children to bring some of the stationary pictures to life.

There are so many fun options within this app it is hard to keep track. Not only does the narration include an option for parents or children to record their own voice, but children can also slide the door over from the read-along view to interact with the illustrations and bring them to life. This view also helps readers find the hidden Scare cards that unlock additional monsters for the scare simulator challenges.

The “Play” side of this app is just as appealing with great audio and visual components that make each game challenging, yet entertaining. The pictures of the toxic human toys are realistic and as players maneuver through their path, the narrator provides feedback along the way. If they happen to touch one of the toys or other human items, they are gently reminded that these items are toxic and they should stay away from them. Once players reach the simulator child’s bed, they get to give a big roar for extra points and when they do the simulator child responds with a very animated scared reaction.

Overall this app is of excellent quality and provides nothing less than the best in audio and visual components of an application.

While the main function of this app is entertainment, there is an added educational component in the digital book portion of the application. The read-along text helps new and seasoned readers to follow along with the story and assists in word recognition. Parents may also choose to use the voice record option to record their children reading through the story as a way to practice their reading skills, but should probably use this option with more seasoned readers as the somewhat advanced text could discourage early readers.

The entertainment value of this app is superb. There are tons of interactive areas within the app that get children involved and excited about the Monsters Inc. story. They can enjoy listening to the story while they search for the hidden scare cards to use later in the scare simulator or explore the highlighted areas within the story to bring some of the illustrations to life. The games on the “Play” side of the app includes 8 scare cards with a different monster on each as well as their scaring statistics. With each card players gain access to three levels of the game so children can test their scare skills on three different levels as a Student, Trainee, or Scarer. The object of the game is to maneuver through a path of toxic toys in order to scare the simulator child at the end of the room. Each level is a little more difficult than the last and with 24 different ways to play, this is one app they will play over and over again.

This app does encourage children to “Roar” rather loudly in order to scare the simulator child for additional points, so parents may want to choose a different app in situations where their child is encouraged to be quiet. Besides that, this app is extremely entertaining for children of all ages, especially those that enjoy the movie.

At first glance this app is a bit pricey for what I would normally pay, but after seeing and experiencing all of the high quality games, animation, and interactive activities, it is definitely one I would splurge on. In addition to the endless hours of play and entertainment, there is also an opportunity to cultivate reading skills with the read-along text and narration options that make this not only a fun, but functional app.

This app is one of the better child-friendly apps I have seen. After a brief video that explains the goal of the app, children have to scream into a scream-o-meter of sorts in order to gain access to the app. Once they are in they have the option to read through the digital book, or play one of the games. As they move throughout the book they are also guided to touch certain parts the illustrations as they continue to explore.

Unlike some game applications with complicated controls, this app makes playing easy. By simply tilting the device from side to side players can easily guide their monster through the scare simulator to successfully complete each level. I also noticed that some of the functions such as swiping the illustrations over the read-along text to see the animated illustrations aren’t completely intuitive at first glance, but after playing it a few times, you get the hang of it.

Parents don’t have to worry about in app purchase options or social media links and can simply allow their child to read, play, and explore the fun of Monsters, Inc. Storybook Deluxe.



Available on the App Store