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In other reviews, I’ve sung the praises of the Montessori method of learning. I’m a big fan of how it’s designed to empower children and facilitate learning in a natural way. The Montessori Letter Sounds HD iPad app combines some of my favorite Montessori learning methods in an app with a few neat tricks up its sleeve, creating an ideal application for young children to learn and grow with.

Montessori Letter Sounds HD is broken into several different levels of learning. Children actually unlock more advanced levels themselves by earning marbles. Think of it as a kind of educational currency. Kids begin by playing I spy, a game that teaches them to identify objects by the sound they start with. Of course, to learn these sounds and become familiar with the visual learning cues in this particular app, there’s a handy unlocked learning tool box at the bottom of the app. In there, kids can practice and explore without any guidance.

After I spy, children progress to a Letter sounds activity, then on to Mix and match, which builds on the first two sections of the app, then, finally, kids gain access to a Sound it out game, where they can actually create their own words.

There’s also plenty of practice throughout the app. Montessori Letter Sounds HD even has an optional English as a second language option that unlocks French instructions. A French sister app offers the same to English speakers looking for a bit of French education.

The verdict is this: Montessori Letter Sounds HD is fun for children, and facilitates a smooth, natural sort of learning progression that’s hard not to love. For a limited time, this fabulous app is also on sale for $2.99. So, I highly recommend parents with children ages 4 or younger download this bad boy post haste.

Bottom line

Go get Montessori Letter Sounds HD. It’s a fabulous learning tool your kids may actually enjoy.

Based on the Montessori* method, Montessori* Letter Sounds works in 4 steps:
– From the age of 3: “I spy” to play sound games.
– Around 4 years old: “Letter sounds” to memorize the letter sounds and shapes.
– Between 4 and 5 years old: “Mix and match” to bring together the two first steps.
– Around 4 1/2 years old: “Sound it out” to write their first words using a moveable alphabet.

All four steps are included in this version but two games are locked at first and get unlocked as the children play and win marbles. This ensures progressive learning.

In each step children will find a learning activity and a game to help them put their learning into practice. Self-correction is encouraged throughout the app to increase self-confidence. The system keeps track of marbles won by each player. Marbles are used to unlock games and levels and to stimulate learning.

Children also benefit from a “Toolbox” offering:
– A phonetic alphabet
– A notebook
– A sandbox to trace letters freely
– An image box (great for vocabulary)

*The Montessori Method is based on sensorial learning. Its main goals are to develop children’s autonomy and self-confidence.
** The Discovery of the Child, M. Montessori

Les Trois Elles was founded by Montessori teachers. We have years of classroom experience with hundreds of children. Our aim is to develop a range of truly educational and beautiful apps based on the Montessori Method. All our apps can be used at home or in class. They can also be used by speech therapists.
Although our apps are designed for children to play on their own, we always recommend that parents guide them at least for the first usage.