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Morotobi’s Adventure is an interactive book available on the iPad and iPhone. In some ways, the main character could be compared to Bart Simpson (from The Simpsons TV series) or SpongeBob (TV series). This app does contain what I would consider to be crude behavior for kids. I would suggest that you review this app prior to handing it over to your children.

The storyline of the app is a hodgepodge of fairy tales and can seem a bit choppy in places and ends with an unexpected conclusion. There are plenty of interactive objects throughout the story; some with surprising results. The developers have done a good job of providing clues to guide you through the various methods of interacting with the objects. In some cases you will tilt the device; others require you to touch or drag the objects.

Colorful illustrations, appropriate music and sounds help the reader become immersed into the story. The monsters may be a bit scary for some kids; especially at bedtime so I would not recommend this as a bedtime read.

A great amount of work has obviously been put into the menu, which appears on the main screen and can be accessed anytime during the story. The menu contains buttons for an in-app help, home, search (thumbnails of each page), bookmark, memo, narration (on/off) and language (Korean or English). The bookmark feature allows you to bookmark pages; the pages will appear in the index as bookmarked. Another unique feature is the ability to add memos to each page. Page navigation, while reading the story, has invisible buttons in the lower left and right corners, instead of swiping to turn the pages.

At the end of the story you will find a few discussion questions. These questions are good discussion starters being the story covers things such as being teased because of your name and good vs. evil.

Suggestions for the developer:

Change the age range of the app in iTunes to be at least 9+; some content is not appropriate for younger kids and parents should be advised of this upfront.

Remove the Facebook, website and e-mail buttons from the end of the story. It is preferred that buttons like that either be removed from the app or hidden away where the child cannot press them being they take the child out of the app.

Bottom line

Morotobi’s Adventure is an interactive storybook with great navigational features.
Morotobi’s Adventure is an interactive story book replete with a sweet sense of humor, bright graphics, and a compelling narrative. Follow little Morotobi on a one of a kind adventure, and participate at every stage along the way! This fanciful, whimsy-filled storybook is a wonderful way to teach the delights of reading, made more exciting by the book’s delightful animation and vibrant color. Regular Price: 0