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Parents are continually searching for new tools to help their children expand their knowledge and do it in such a way that the child will want to do more; Multiplication: Invasion of the Moon Monkeys might be one such tool. This arcade style game will have kids volunteering to practice their multiplication tables. Your child’s mission is to stop the invasion of the moon monkeys; by using their multiplication and gaming skills they will defend the world!

The graphics, sounds and music are fantastic; game play is smooth and the interface is intuitive and easy to use, though using the joystick controller can be a bit tricky at times. An option to switch to arrows, or some other control method, would be nice. Instructions on how to play are presented as intelligence reports for the mission.

Invasion of the Moon Monkeys is highly customizable. Options in the settings menu allow you to choose which multiplication tables (1-12) to work on, play in practice mode or full game mode, advanced or beginners and the music can be turned on or off.

There are 14 levels to entertain the kids. When you lose and the game ends, you will need to start over at the very beginning and work your way back. My testers were a little frustrated with this and suggested that it would be better if they could start again at the level on which the game ended.

Moon Monkeys is a universal app and plays well on either device. The app does not contain any in-app purchases and the developer has posted a privacy policy on their web site.

Bottom line

Multiplication: Invasion of the Moon Monkeys is an arcade style game that will have kids volunteering to practice their multiplication tables.
The Moon Monkeys are multiplying, it’s time to turn the tables!

Test your multiplication skills to the limit as you battle to save the world in a thrilling arcade style invasion adventure you just won’t want to stop playing!


● Practice multiplication facts from 1×1 to 12 x 12

● Recognise and find factors and multiples of numbers

● Customise game play for individualised learning

● 14 games set within 5 play levels

● Intuitive joystick controlled play

● Retro cool graphics

● Thrilling arcade style game play

● Created and developed with leading Math Teachers

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