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Facilitate easier learning and conceptualizing of all things multiplication with the kid friendly Multiply Acorns HD app for iPad. Get this app now while it’s available at the discounted price of $.99.

This is the third title in Operatio’s Tasty Math Facts series, an excellent selection of beginner math apps for kids. They’ve had practice Adding Apples and Subtracting Sardines, and now it’s time for your kids to Multiply Acorns.

How To Play

Much like the other titles I mentioned, in Multiply Acorns your child will use an interactive calculator to create math problems. Smart graphics help children understand the concept of multiplication. For the first number they tap, a corresponding amount of squirrels will appear on the screen. For the second number each squirrel will release that amount of acorns.

The result is a screen full of interactive acorns. Children can tap them one at a time to count to the correct answer, or use the calculator’s equal sign to display three possible answers instantly.

Once a question is answered correctly the acorns will burst into coins. Just like the acorns these coins respond to in-app physics principles, making them fun to rattle and shake and scoot across the game board.

Parent Friendly

One of my favorite things about the Tasty Math Facts series of apps is the healthy combination of fun and learning. Kids will love the fuzzy squirrel mascot and the app’s focus on positive reinforcement. Parents will love the option to create three different user profiles for multiple children, clear statistic reports and option to tailor the game to each child’s specific needs.

In the settings menu, parents can manually adjust the numbers Multiply Acorns uses to create math problems. If your child is working on the multiplication tables two through five, then unlock those numbers and save the rest for later.

Bottom line

Fans of other Tasty Math Facts apps will love Multiply Acorns. It’s the perfect app for any child in need of multiplication practice.

Multiplying Acorns takes your children to the market where they’ll multiply, count, solve, and build confidence while earning coins for their efforts!

Multiplying Acorns – Tasty Math Facts is a fun, hands-on learning, math experience. The realistic, physics enabled 3-D acorns create an immersive, manipulative-based environment for a thorough conceptual understanding of the times tables.

✔ Multiply from 1×1 up to 9×9
✔ Visualize multiplication and grouping concepts
✔ Understand multiplication conceptually

✔ Rolling and picking up acorns
✔ Playing with gold coins
✔ Following Squirrely’s directions
✔ Earning a gold coin for each correct answer
✔ Working towards 3 different trophies
✔ Cracking the acorns open while counting them (individually by tapping or every acorn with the equals key)

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