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My First English Words is a universal app designed to teach children 50 English words. Only the instructions are available in six languages; everything else is English.

Up to four in-app user accounts can be created, with the ability to choose a boy or girl and to enter the user’s name. It should be noted that narration is performed with a slight accent, though easy to understand, some words are not pronounced as we would here in the United States. Designed with children in mind, the app is intuitive for children and adults. Young children who cannot read will need assistance.

The app is broken into five scenes in which the user will learn both spoken and written words in English. A loveable dragon named Memo will offer guidance throughout the app. All of the graphics and sounds are nicely done, adding to the fun learning environment.

The scenes include vacation (holiday), exotic animals, fairy tales, colors and numbers. Each scene is broken down into different activities. For example the first activity has the user find the words by pressing an object, such as ball, and then they will hear and see the word. The second activity has the user see and hear the word first, and then they need to find the object. Lastly, a picture of the object is shown along with three word choices and the user needs to choose the correct word; the word is then spoken.

A dictionary is available and in the dictionary is a picture of the object; the user will see and hear the word when it is touched.

My First English Words does not contain in-app purchases, ads, external links or social media buttons.

Bottom line

Designed specifically for teaching children English, this universal app offers many features that will appeal to parents and children.
Great fun and interactive application for kids to learn English.

Your child will absolutely adore Memo, a cheerful dragon who will guide them through a variety of scenes and lands, thus helping discover new sounds and captivating animations. As your child plays and learns new words, Memo grows bigger and bigger, which encourages and motivates the little learner to keep on exploring the foreign language.

My First English is specially designed for kids and it perfectly suits their needs and abilities. The course includes five interactive scenes packed with funny animations and quizzes that will teach your child 50 popular English words. While learning, your kid’s word recognition memory will be enhanced by the renown SuperMemo algorithm.

Memo the Dragon can give instructions in one of the six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian or Polish.

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