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  • My Little Fairy
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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My Little Fairy is an app that introduces children to the magical world of fairies with lots of fun activities including puzzles, music, and magic wands.

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My Little Fairy is an app that allows children to explore and play in the magical land of the fairies. With a fairy friend as a guide, players go on this whimsical adventure with musical mice, puzzles, a matching game and so much more. This is one app that will certainly inspire magic and wonder in children of all ages.

Features include:

  • Puzzles
  • Music
  • 3D graphics


The developers have done an excellent job creating a magical wonderland with fun 3D graphics that children will love. All of the images including the dragons, fairies, wizards etc. and the gorgeous scenery come together to create a free play environment for children to explore. The simple music and twinkling sound effects add to the app creating an overall experience for players to enjoy. While the set up and usability is overall very good for children of all ages, there are some places where the touch response seems a bit delayed (the water collection game). Making some simple adjustments here will make an already very good app, great.


While My Little Fairy isn’t designed to educate users, there are some areas that allow children to learn as they play. In order to light the dragon fire, children must follow the fairy and select the correct code by matching various shapes and shape sequences. This is great for younger users who will have a chance to practice patterns etc. There is also a puzzle game that allows players to use their problem solving skills and logic to complete the puzzle.


For little ones who love magic and wonder this app offers a ton of entertainment value. The developers have set up a 3D free play environment that allows children to move through the app at their own pace as they explore and discover each activity. With water puzzles, magical flower fairies, magic wands to experiment with, and a musical mouse organ, children are going to love exploring this magical wonderland of fun.


Priced at just under four dollars this app might be a little more than some parents might expect to pay, but the value is definitely worth it. With a wide variety of activities for children to enjoy, music, and the overall safe and easy to use interface, this app is really great.

Child Friendliness

As a parent it’s always great to find apps that are easy to use and completely safe for little ones to use and My Little Fairy is great in that regard. With an easy to use interface that includes sparkles as indicators to help children find new activities to explore, this app is one that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The developers have also done a nice job keeping the app safe with no advertisements or external links etc.

Though most of the app is quite easy to use, there are some areas where the touch response could use some work to make this app a bit easier for children to enjoy.

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My Little Fairy is an app that introduces children to the magical world of fairies with lots of fun activities including puzzles, music, and magic wands.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars