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  • Nelly Fairy: Castle
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Help Nelly the fairy find all the pieces to reconstruct her castle. This app allows children to explore four magical lands filled with lots of animals in order to complete the puzzle.

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Nelly Fairy: Castle is an app that takes children on a journey through a mystical land with hidden pieces to the castle that Nelly the fairy is trying to rebuild. This puzzle app allows children to explore the desert, forest, mountains, and meadow to interact with local animals and find the missing pieces to rebuild the castle. Also included are three difficulty levels to build the castle ranging in the number of pieces.

Features include:

  • 4 Areas to explore
  • Puzzles
  • 3 Difficulty levels


Nelly Fairy: Castle uses a simple search-and-find and puzzle concept for young children. The concept allows children to explore various magical lands to find the missing pieces that are needed to rebuild the castle. While the concept is quite simple, the quality of the images and user interface could both use some work. Nelly the fairy looks to be a 3-D character while the rest of the images included are not. It makes the fairy look a bit out of place. There are also lots of animals within each area for children to explore, but there isn’t a whole lot in terms of interaction. When tapped, the animal might make a little noise and move a bit, but it’s a bit lackluster and not very engaging. For younger children getting started in the app could be a challenge. It isn’t entirely clear what the goal is when you enter the app and takes a bit of exploring to figure it out. Including a brief introduction or arrows to guide players would definitely be helpful.


Not rated for education.


This app uses a search-and-find concept and puzzle activity as the main entertainment for children. While there are other animals within each magical land to explore, the interaction and animation could use some work. The puzzle provides three difficulty levels varying in the number of pieces used and does provide a challenge to put together, however it feels like something is missing in terms of entertainment. Adding a few other activities within each magical land would be a great way to increase the entertainment value for children.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app seems a bit overpriced for the quality and the activities you get. Adding a few more activities and more functionality and interaction with the animals would be a great way to increase the overall value.

Child Friendliness

As mentioned before, the overall concept in Nelly Fairy: Castle is quite simple, however it could take a few times of playing it for children to truly understand how to move through the app with ease. Creating an introduction with arrows or indicators upon entry into the app would be helpful for younger users.

The developers have done a good job of keeping the in-app purchase link protected so children don’t get into areas they aren’t supposed to get into, however it isn’t entirely clear how much the in-app purchase is if parents wanted to make the purchase. Making this a bit more apparent would help a lot as a parent exploring the app.

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Help Nelly the fairy find all the pieces to reconstruct her castle. This app allows children to explore four magical lands filled with lots of animals in order to complete the puzzle.

Editor rating
Rated 3.5 stars