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Review Summary:

Another great Mrs. Judd app that combines early learning with fun games to create a fun experience for your preschooler.

Another great Mrs. Judd app that combines early learning with fun games to create a fun experience for your preschooler.



Mrs. Judd is known for creating fun and educational apps that parents and teachers can use with their children/students and Penguin Preschool is no different. This app puts a fun game-like twist on matching and math problems while incorporating fun sticker art that can be shared with others. One thing is for sure, children who love other Mrs. Judd apps will love this one as well.

Features include:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Various educational problems
  • Sticker art that can be shared
  • Fun learning environment


Mrs. Judd’s Penguin Preschool is a full of fun illustrations with bright colors and an easy to use interface that children will enjoy. Not only are the images done very well, but the sound effects and background music help to create a fun learning environment.

With three areas to explore this app allows children to play the educational game, create sticker art, or upgrade their penguins and the developers have done a great job creating a diverse set of activities to complete.


Under the “Playground” tab, children are prompted to follow the hints on the signpost and slide the penguin into the appropriately matching igloo. The signpost may have a picture, a number, or a letter and children will have to figure out which igloo with corresponding answers is the correct answer. For instance, when shown the number 4 they will have to find which math problem has an answer of 4. One thing that is missing is audio that says the color, letter, or number the children are to match. Adding this aspect would help children associate what they are seeing and hearing as they learn.

Besides not having audio to coincide with the solutions, the educational aspect of this app is good and includes so many opportunities for learning. Not only are there simple addition/subtraction problems, but also included are upper/lower case letters, geometry shapes, and pie graphs to match with the signposts. This creates a very diverse set of skills children can practice.


My favorite educational apps always provide an added entertainment component and Penguin Preschool does as well. There is a separate section in the app labeled “PenEx” that allows children to explore and decorate various backgrounds with stickers. Once their pictures are complete they can share them with parents if the Juddly delivery system has been set up. This allows children to email their creations to their parents. If parents choose not to set up the Juddly system, the pictures can be saved to the device and sent that way.

Also included is the “Trading Post” that allows children to use the points they have earned in the game to buy costumes for their penguins. This gives a bit of a reward for children to work toward and is just a fun way to motivate children as they learn.


Parents and teachers will definitely appreciate the free price tag on this app especially since it offers so many educational and entertaining components. Mrs. Judd’s Penguin Preschool proves you don’t have to break the bank to get an app that will teach your little one about colors, letters, and simple math skills. They will also appreciate the parent/teacher guide that provides a great deal of information about the educational quality of the app along with specific information to prepare preschoolers for school.

Child Friendliness

With a simple to use interface and cute images and bright colors, this app ensures children will enjoy learning and practicing their problem-solving skills in a safe and secure environment. With that said playing in the “Playground” area may take a little getting used to in order to accurately sliding the penguin into the correct igloo. Parents may want to give children a little guidance as they play to get the hang of playing the game.

For parents/teachers that have never used a Mrs. Judd app, this app offers an area titled “Juddly” that you can sign up for to receive your child’s creation in a safe and secure way. There is a button on the mail page of the app in upper left corner that allows you to get set up. This does not interfere with using the app, so parents that don’t want to use this function can choose not to. With no other social media links or advertisements this app is safe for children to use.

Another great Mrs. Judd app that combines early learning with fun games to create a fun experience for your preschooler.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars