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When you think back to your childhood and the books that you read, or were read to you, chances are some of those books were fables. The lessons we learn from fables are an important part of childhood. One fable not to miss is Perrette and the Pot of Milk, an adaption of Jean de La Fontaine’s Perrette et le Pot au Lait.

Perrette and the Pot of Milk is a simple, but beautiful story about a girl who dreams big. Though her dreams are delayed because of a mishap she does not become discouraged and give up.

This universal app does not contain a lot of bells and whistles to distract the reader, but does have enough to keep the reader’s attention. Two reading options are available; read to me or read it myself. Text is not highlighted as read; however, regardless of reading choice, the text can be read aloud. Some objects can be touched and the word appears as it is spoken.

One unique feature found in this book is the ability to switch between four languages with the buttons available on every page. Changing the language applies to the text of the story and to the interactive objects. You can have the story read to your child in English, switch to Spanish and have it reread to your child, all without exiting the page. Word association, text spoken and shown when the object is touched, is key in teaching children to read in any language, but can be especially helpful when learning multiple languages. The four languages available are English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

In addition to the language buttons, a home button is available on every page. Perrette and the Pot of Milk does not contain any outside links or social media buttons.

Bottom line

Perrette and the Pot of Milk is not only a beautiful multilingual fable, but can teach children basic words, in multiple languages, through word association.

This is the first-of-a-kind interactive multilingual story ever to be developed for the mobile market!
It features an instant vocal and written animated translator in four languages.

If you would like your child to learn a new language through play or enrich his vocabulary whether in English, French, Spanish or Arabic this is the perfect interactive storybook for your little one! It includes more than 50 exquisite talking illustrations

Your child will absolutely enjoy this imaginative and unique adaptation of the famous “Jean De La Fontaine” fable: “Perrette et le Pot au Lait”. The story is retold with an unprecedented twist that will keep you and your child amused and surprised at each new page you flip!

– created in HD for iPhone/iPad and Android
– Children will learn the name of each interactive illustration in four languages
– Capability to switch instantly one language to the other, on every page, without going back to the main menu

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