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Review Summary:

Perfect for the little explorers in your home, this app has all kinds of information about a variety of 160 bird species. It will inspire families to get outside and spend time together bird-watching.


What better way to explore the great outdoors than to do a little bird watching? Peterson Feeder Birds of North America is one of our featured apps in our At-A-Glance: Outdoor Apps For Kids post and encourages children to learn a ton of information about various types of birds and to use that information out in the field. With over 150 species included this app allows parents and children to identify and log the birds they find on nature walks, hikes, or those birds lurking in their own backyard.

Features include:

  • 160 Different species
  • Range maps
  • Species detail
  • Bird checklist


This app is full of great information, pictures, maps, and awesome bird calls in a set-up similar to what you might see in a textbook, but with more features. Not only are there high quality illustrations of each bird species, but there are also photographs, quick facts, and an audio file of the species bird call. With so much detail for each bird, children will learn to identify birds in a variety of ways.

The species are divided into categories such as hummingbirds, birds of prey, chicken-like birds etc., which provides for nice organization for the ample information included. There is also a checklist, sightings page, and a link for extra articles that go above and beyond what is included in each species highlight. All-in-all, the developers have done a wonderful job of organizing and illustrating this educational app.


There is so much wonderful information in this app that it might be a bit overwhelming at first, however with the strategic organization the developers have created, it makes this app much more manageable.

Children will not only learn about 160 different bird species, they also have a platform to check off birds they have seen as well as log the specifications for each sighting. This allows them a hands-on approach to learning in addition to sharing their knowledge with parents and getting a lot of fresh air while they learn.

In addition to the general facts about each bird, there are high quality illustrations, photos, and highlighted defining characteristics about each bird in addition to the bird calls. This provides a variety of ways children can learn about each bird. Whether they are more visual or audio learners there is something here for everyone.


While this app is primarily an educational app it is also one that can easily make bird-watching a hobby for your little explorer. The sightings and checklist features create a goal oriented task for children to accomplish as they set out on their outdoor adventures.


This app is absolutely free and is a wonderful deal. With so much information, images, audio, and other features, this app could be one of the best values I have seen. Not only does it provide a ton of information for free, but it also inspires children and parents to get out into nature and enjoy the beautiful birds that live there.

Child Friendliness

The developers have organized a great deal of information in a fairly easy to use platform, however it is likely school-age children will get the most out of the written information for each entry. Parents can include pre-readers in the learning and bird-watching process by utilizing the various pictures and images as well as reading the information to them. The bird calls for each bird are also a great way to help little ones get involved.

In addition to the great organization there are no social media links or in app advertisements to clutter this app so parents don’t need to worry about that. They can allow their children to enjoy this wonderfully informative app all on their own.

Perfect for the little explorers in your home, this app has all kinds of information about a variety of 160 bird species. It will inspire families to get outside and spend time together bird-watching.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars