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Review Summary:

Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure is a highly entertaining and creative storybook app for kids that will make bedtime adventurous and fun.

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Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure is a delightfully animated storybook app that children of all ages are going to love. This unique story makes bedtime fun as children explore the heroic efforts of one slumbering tyke after he receives a very special gift for his birthday. With a bedtime hero, fun animation, lively sound effects, and a great story to go along with it all, what’s not to love?

Features include:

  • Great animation
  • Text highlighting
  • Narration
  • Interesting story


There is no doubt that Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure is a high quality app that children are going to love. The developers have included impressive animation and great graphics to illustrate an already entertaining story. The sound effects, music, and narration that are included are all very well done and help to make this story incredibly engaging. The developers have also included an auto play option that can be easily used to play through the story with music, text highlighting, and all the fun animations that are included.


Not rated for education.


This is one of the most entertaining storybook apps I have seen lately. The story is not only interesting and fun, but the animations that are included on every page are pretty impressive. Everything from flying super heroes to truck eating clowns are included in this story making it highly entertaining. The story is also written in rhyming verse, though some of the verses loose a bit of flow from page-to-page, it is still quite entertaining. I think it’s safe to say Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure will quickly become a family favorite.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is a great value. With text highlighting, narration, fun music, and awesome animations, this storybook has much more than many of the other story book apps that are priced higher than this one. I think parents will agree that this storybook app is well worth the price!

Child Friendliness

The developers have done an overall nice job keeping the app easy to use and safe too by not including any social media links or advertisements and protecting the “parent” areas of the app. The text highlighting and narration features make this story easy to use for children of all ages and the story is particularly entertaining for younger children. With that said, I did notice that without using the ‘auto play’ option, some of the pages are a bit sticky and don’t swipe as easily as others. This definitely makes it a bit more difficult to use, but doesn’t seem to be a problem in the ‘auto play’ feature. Overall though, the app is great for children of all ages.

Pillowcapers: A Sleepy Adventure is a highly entertaining and creative storybook app for kids that will make bedtime adventurous and fun.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars