Pink Pad (Period & Health Tracker)

If you’re looking for an app to help you keep track of feminine issues then take a look at Pink Pad. It is my current favorite app in this category. The app is intelligent, easy to use, has a great interface and incorporates built in user forums. For me, the key to Pink Pad’s success is it’s ease of use and interface. If an app is easy to navigate and I can quickly enter and access my information then I will use it again and again. The app is designed to look like a notebook and the different sections are accessed by tabs on the side of the screen. When you tap a tab the page appears to turn and you’re taken to the sections.



Profile – This is Pink Pad’s home screen. Think of it as the front of your notebook. There’s a spot for a picture and underneath that you can easily see the estimated date of your next period, the number of days until your next period and your estimated fertile days. This information will change depending on what you track on the app’s calendar screen.

Today/Calendar/Journals – This is where you can track your health symptoms and menstrual period. There are three different screens in this section. The Today screen is where you enter in information for how you’re feeling today. You can easily track your mood, the app gives you thirty different emoticons to choose from. Tap on as

many as you want to record today’s mood (or moods). There are also extensive symptoms to track. The app provides an alphabetical list and you can rate your symptoms on a scale of one to three. Your weight can be recorded and you can track basal body temperature for fertility purposes. The fertility section lets you track detailed fertility symptoms. If the app doesn’t have exactly what you want to track then you can add in additional information in the notes section.

Once you’ve entered in information on the Today screen you can view it on the calendar. This shows you a month’s view and has symbols representing what you’ve been tracking. It’s a nice way to look for patterns that may be emerging. You can view previous months and those in the future. If you’re confused about the symbols then the “i” at the top of the screen will take you to a key that explains it all. Finally, the Journal screen provides a list of all your symptoms, etc. ordered by date. I like the month view for the big picture and the journal for the details.Charts – Tapping on the Chart tab brings up the charts for your weight and basal body temperature.

Forums – The Forums are where Pink Pad users can post questions and respond to each other. If you want to post responses you’ll need to register for a free account. Right now forum posts are broken up into the following categories – Health & Wellness, Fitness, Relationships and Special Interest. Within those categories everything from parenting to weight loss to infertility is addressed. I really like the fact that Pink Pad is creating a community of users, women reaching out and helping other women.

Settings – Settings is the final tab. This is where you can customize various features of Pink Pad. You can customize the notebook’s look by changing the theme. You can also determine which symptoms you’d like to track on the Today screen. If you’d like to add your own symptom to the list you would do it here. In the settings you can adjust the menstrual cycle length that Pink Pad uses to calculate certain dates. Notifications about your upcoming period and fertility can be created and sent to your phone at the appropriate times. You can customize the text that will show up in your notification. Finally, in the settings you can sync your Pink Pad calendar with your iPhone’s calendar. I haven’t tried this feature out but the help information is clear and it seems like a straightforward process. You can also export your data and perform backups and restores.

Pink Pad is an overall great app for tracking your menstrual cycle. It’s extremely user friendly and helpful, which earns it big points in my book. I love it’s look and feel and it’s one I’ll keep coming back to again and again.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Alt12 Apps, LLC