Planet 911 Review


Planet 911 is a great app to have in case of an emergency.  With Planet 911, parents can instantly alert their closest contacts with audio/video recordings and GPS location in the event of an emergency.  I thought that this app would be great for notifying people quickly and all at once!

The Planet 911 app was thoughtfully designed to help make things as smooth as possible in the event of a family emergency.  Parents can easily set up a list of up to 10 emergency contacts, which can be alerted when a situation occurs and provide them with your GPS location.  I thought the ability to alert all your emergency contacts at once would be very helpful and save valuable time.



There are two levels of alerts: the yellow button lets your emergency contacts know when you are worried (about a possible situation), and the red button alerts your emergency contacts when you are in serious danger and are calling 911.  In addition to the alerts, you can also record audio and video when an alert is activated, this way loved ones and authorities can easily see and hear what is happening at the moment.  There is a neat safety feature included in Planet 911 as well – a personal alert siren, which can be activated with one tap, it is often loud enough to scare off muggers, etc.

I thought that Planet 911 would be a very useful app in case of an emergency.  I would definitely check this app out, especially if you are not currently using any apps to alert family/friends in emergencies.  The peace of mind it provides is well worth the download!