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Price: Free (In App Purchases)


Poppinz-Family Calendar is a shareable calendar with a few features families will love. The app allows users to create a calendar that everyone can access, maintain a personal calendar, make lists with due dates and check-offs, and chat within the circle safely and efficiently.

Features include:

  • Easily switch between personal and family calendars
  • Create lists for groceries, chores and more
  • Assign due dates and check off tasks
  • Chat with family members (premium version only)
  • View and share videos and images in Memories (premium version only)


Poppinz is a high-quality app that simplifies calendar and its other functions, making it easy for every member of the family to know what’s going on and what needs done. It’s available in four languages (English, German, Spanish and Russian), and offers a free trial, a limited option free version, and monthly or yearly subscription options that allow access to Chat and Memories features.

Ease of Use

This organization app is very easy to use. Switch between personal and family calendars, add or edit events, create lists with due dates and check off features with just a few taps. The app offers some management features that rival larger management systems but on a scale that is comfortable for families, especially those with children. Alerts for events are also a premium feature which is unavailable in the free version.



The app opens to a feed of your family calendar where you can see events for today and tomorrow, lists, and a link to add new contacts. Calendar events and list items can be linked to contacts so users can easily get information to one another. The calendar events have most of the features like the big boys, including scheduling repeating events, adding locations, and so forth. Alerts, however, are a part of either of the premium packages.

The lists feature allows users to create personalized lists and if desired, assign them to specific family members and/or add due dates for each item. They show up on the calendar feed on the day that items are due. The lists feature would be great for a family shopping list, chore lists for specific people, and similar items.

The premium version of the app includes a closed messaging system that allows families to communicate in private. This one is available on the middle tier called Social. Social tier also includes alerts for calendar events. There is also a feature called Memories that allows sharing of photos and videos that becomes available with the Family version (upper tier).



Poppinz-Family Calendar is free to download. The free version has limits on features (no Memories or chat messaging and limited to 6 family members instead of the 15 available with subscription) and does have constant ad bars running. Some ads may or may not be appropriate for younger users. The most objectionable one I saw when trying it out was an advertisement for extra large bras. There is an option to permanently remove ads for $4.99, and an in-app purchase option to gain access to the premium features by subscribing. The monthly Social subscription costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year and includes all features except Memories. The annual subscription rate for the full app, including Memories is $49.99 per year or $4.99 per month. It’s possible the free version will meet your family’s needs. If this app has features (like chatting or easy photo/video sharing) you or your family fall in love with, it could well be worth the payment.


Child Friendliness

The free version of this app is definitely for adults, and perhaps teens. The advertisements might trigger titters and may become inappropriate by some family standards. Children would also need a smartphone connected to the internet to participate, and many families limit this usage. However, if a family with younger kids wanted to take advantage of Poppinz’ closed system for calendar events, lists, and chatting, a subscription would remove these objections.

  • YES external links
  • NO social media
  • YES 3rd party ads
  • YES in-app purchase 


Poppinz Family Calendar
Poppinz-Family Calendar
Poppinz- Family Calendar offers calendar, list, and chat features that are limited to members of the family group. The app is simple to use and will provide privacy that some families are looking for.
Child Friendly