Reasons for obesity in children

Nowadays, people are busier and busier. The concentration too much of earning money of adults is higher and higher. Therefore, they can’t concentrate on themselves and their children as much as adults did. It leads to many consequences. One of them is obesity in children. This disease can lead to many other serious diseases, so we must eliminate obesity in children. Before eliminating this disease in children, parents should know some culprit of obesity in children. Here are some causes of obesity.



Obesity has atavistic

According to some scholars, this factor is the leading factors of obesity in children. This element accounts for 30%. In a family, if both father and mother are obese, the rate of obesity their sons or daughters is 70%. In another case, if either father or mother is obese, the rate of obesity in their kids is from 40% to 50%. In a document, after make a survey about 298 obese children, 29.8% of them has parents are obese, 10% of them don’t have parents who be obese. In conclusion, the heredity is very important to trigger obesity in children.

Inappropriate eating diet

In America, there are more and more fast food stores. Fast foods consists of hamburger, pizza, hot dog, coca cola, soda…This kind of food contain so much calories, protein, fat. Besides, those dishes are very convenient. They can be cooked and served fast. This feature is appropriate with busy social life in US. In America, more and more adults are going out to work. Working in companies account the large number of adults’ schedule. Therefore, they don’t have enough time to cook for their children. Thus, they compensate this blank space of their children by giving them money and let their kids choose what they want to eat for themselves. So, the usage of fast food of children is increasing day by day. And one of the consequence is rate of children be obese increases continually. And it’s mean that children tend to make friend with obesity more.

Children are lazy to do exercises

Nowadays, technology is more and more developing. The result of this development is the appearance of I-phones, I-pad, and many types of smart phones, smart TV and so on. Besides, nowadays, game producers are more creative. They can produce more games that attract children. The mixture of increasing in producing games and smaller technology tools attract children so much. Thus, after eliminating hungry by eating fast food, they can seat in fixed position and either play video games or watch TV. Some programs on TV and video game have extremely attraction to children. They are dive in them and don’t want to go out anymore. This laziness limits the convertible of nutrition in children body. It gradually leads to obesity.

Children are lack of sleeping

According to a scientific research of America, insomnia in a long time can incite hunger in children. The reason for the hunger is changing of hormonal in their body when children are sleepless. Hormone which incites hunger increases when children stay up too late. Besides, hormone which prevents hunger decreases. The mixture of 2 factors above leads to increasing in weight. Then it leads to obesity in children.

Mothers are old.

According to some research, children who were born by 30-year-old mothers or older tend to be fatter than children were born by 25-year-old mothers or younger.

Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution impacts metabolism on children. Some poisonous chemical from environment, from toys, household appliances interrupt metabolism of children. Then the consequence is children will be obese.

Cutting tonsils of children

According to a research of America, after being cut tonsils 7 years, children’ weight tends to be increase. The cause is cutting tonsils can incite delicious in children.

Air conditioner also the culprit of obesity on kids

This reason is the unbelievable cause of obesity in children. If environment is too hot or too cold, body has to consume an amount of calories to adjust hypothermia. This consumption helps children decreases calories surplus. But nowadays, working and living on air conditioner equipped rooms make children’ hypothermia always be in balance. So, hypothermal adjustment is unnecessary. It leads to accumulation of calories, and then it leads to obesity.
In conclusion, above are some culprits of obesity in children. Reading this article, perhaps you are very concerning about obesity in children? Do you want to know how to prevent obesity for your kids? If yes, try reading my next article.