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Today instead of an app about math I’m going to tell you about a website called Reflex Math that helps students with their math fact fluency. Reflex adapts and creates individualized instruction for everyone who uses the website. The students who use the site will find fast-paced games and rewards. Teachers can use the site for reports that will help them monitor and track their students’ progress. Sounds like a win for everyone. I have checked out the tour of the site and the games and graphics look especially engaging and just like the sort of activities my kids find entertaining.


ExploreLearning, the company behind Reflex Math, recently announced that since they launched in April 2011 they have reached one million student logins with over 125 million math facts being solved. That’s a tremendous amount of math facts in that amount of time, my mind can’t even really wrap around it! From reading the user testimonials people really like this product and it sounds like Reflex is onto something great.

Reflex is offering a free trial to iPhone Mom readers. You can follow this link to sign up and then enter Iphonemom at the “PROMO CODE” at the bottom left of the sign-up page. Happy multiplication, division, addition and subtraction everyone!


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