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GO Math! GO is a fun new educational app geared towards kids ages 3 through 7. The app focuses on math skills that will be learned in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. I thought that this app would be a great way to get kids ready for school, and supplement their learning.  The app is free to check out, but you will need to purchase additional content to receive the full benefit.
GO Math! GO takes kids through a fun-filled atmosphere as they join characters to practice math skills learned in the elementary classroom. A full year’s worth of math topics and skills are available for each grade level, K through 2, each including 1,500+ math problems.

Grade K covers 12 topics in all, and a friendly monster introduces children to foundational math skills.  Some of the topics covered include: counting to 20 & beyond, addition & subtraction, identifying 2-D & 3-D shapes and sorting & grouping.

Grade 1 features 12 more topics, and introduces children to the wonderful world of animals.  Some of the lessons include: counting & comparing numbers, more advanced addition & subtraction and graphs & charts.

Grade 2 offers a more complex set of math lessons, and is introduced by a team of adventurous heroes, each who possesses a special skill.  Some of the Grade 2 topics include: money & time, measurement and geometry & fractions.

In addition to helping children learn and practice math skills, GO Math! GO also helps kids build a foundation in other important skills such as following directions and working memory.  I would definitely recommend this app to the parents of elementary children.  I will be using this app with my kindergartener for sure!

GO Math! GO Review
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