Zap Zap Math – K6 Math Games Review

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Zap Zap Math – K6 Math Games App Review

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Zap Zap Math – K6 Math Games is a fun new educational game geared towards elementary students. With Zap Zap Math -K6 Math Games, kids can learn and grow at their own pace, and within their own grade level. I thought that this app would be great for at-home math practice.

I wanted to mention that the app just had a major update.  There are now more than 150 games (30 new games have been added), a simple navigation bar, an updated table of contents and iMessage Stickers are now available in the App Store!  In addition to the all these great new features — the app also has a new rewards system for kids in the form of coins.  Coins are awarded upon completion of each game and the amount of coins given depends on the difficulty of level played.  Kids can use their coins to customize their very own spaceship!

The Zap Zap Math app features fun and interactive math games that cover math skills across grade levels K through 6. Each math topic presented is divided into four skills: Training, Accuracy, Speed and Mission. The games will advance as your child progresses, introducing new opportunities to improve critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills. This app offers a self-paced, adaptive learning style where kids can build their confidence while practicing math.



Some of the math topics covered in the Zap Zap Math app include: basics like addition and subtraction, ratios, multiplication, basic geometry, measurements, angles, telling time and many more. The app will definitely allow your child to build a foundation that can be added to each year as they move through school. I love how parents (and teachers) can track individual performance through a connected Analytics Reports Dashboard, and there identify problem areas that may need extra attention.

I thought that Zap Zap Math was a great math app for kids. If you are looking for a math app that will help your child build confidence and an interest in math, be sure to check this one out! I will definitely be using Zap Zap Math with my kindergartener!

Zap Zap Math – K6 Math Games Review
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