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Review Summary:

Another wonderful app in the Kate and Harry series that allows children use their creativity to select and decorate the pony of their dreams.


Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry is another creative app in the Kate and Harry series. This app lets children select and decorate a pony that Kate or Harry will ride through various interactive scenes. Using various pony hair, tail, and accessory options players can use their wild imaginations to create the pony of their dreams.

Features include:

  • Interactive scenes
  • 25 hair, saddle, and other accessory options
  • Easy-to-use interface


Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry is an app young children will love because of the cute pictures and simple animation. The graphics are brightly colored and of good quality and the added sound effects in the interactive scenes really bring the app to life. Children can hear the clomping sound of the pony as it moves through the forest along with many other sounds as they explore each scene.

After selecting all of the pieces to decorate their pony, children will be delighted as they explore the interactive scenes as Kate and Harry ride their pony. The scenes come to life as players tap and touch various items and they can even make their pony gallop by touching it’s legs.


Ride a Pony with Kate and Harry is more of a creative and entertaining app that it is educational. Parents looking to incorporate an educational component may do so by interacting with their child as they play. They can quiz their child on colors or other animals they see within the app.


The primary focus of this app is creativity and fun. Children will love the creative freedom they have with decorating various ponies as they choose to create a unicorn, a reindeer, or a whimsical fairy-like pony. All they have to do is select a pony, hair color, a pony tail, a saddle, and an added accessory. Once their pony is complete they can see it in action in the interactive scenes. As children explore the scenes they will find little surprises along the way like a beanstalk that sprouts out of the ground or little gnomes hiding behind a bush.


The regular price of the Kate and Harry apps is just under 2 dollars and when you consider all of mix and match accessories, this app is good value. I think parents will find their children love the freedom of this creative app so much they will want to play it over and over again. Parents may also be interested in other Kate and Harry apps such as Build a Ship with Kate and Harry that we recently reviewed.

Child Friendliness

As if the high quality graphics, music, and entertaining features weren’t enough, this app is also 100% child friendly. Parents can rest assured knowing there are no social media links, in app purchases, or advertisements to be concerned with. The main page does offer a small icon for the developers, however it does not link to the app store or to the developer website. It simply provides information on other Kate and Harry apps as well as the developer information.

In addition to this app being safe for children to use, it is incredibly easy to use as well. Children of all ages will be able to move through the app with little to no assistance from their parents by using the tap and touch method. By simply tapping the various accessories they want to add, they can easily decorate their pony and interact with the scenes provided. The developers have done a wonderful job of making this app child friendly.

Another wonderful app in the Kate and Harry series that allows children use their creativity to select and decorate the pony of their dreams.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars