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Join Rony Raccoon as he ventures through a beautiful woodland forest to visit his friends. Along the way, Rony will need you to use your math skills to help solve the problems he encounters.

Rony’s Math is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use, math app for young kids who need to work on ascending and descending number order, odd and even numbers, simple number sequences, the concept of biggest and smallest, and simple addition and subtraction.

There are five levels to be unlocked; the child is rewarded with a touch the worm bonus game after the completion of each level. Each level is set in a beautiful and soothing woodland setting. The cheery background music can be muted at any time. Positive feedback and encouragement are given to the child throughout the app and levels are not timed.

Level one finds Rony Raccoon needing to build two bridges in order to cross the river to play with his friend Beaver. Rony needs your help in placing the logs (numbered 1-10) in ascending order for the first bridge and then in descending order for the second. Rony can be touched to repeat the instructions for each level.

Rony’s friend Frog likes water lilies, in level two you will need to help pick water lilies (numbered 1-20) with odd and even numbers.

Sequences with three numbers is the focus of level three; the child will need place keys with the previous and next numbers for the number provided to help Rony find his way to his friend Squirrel’s.

Hedgehog and Rony need your help picking mushrooms in level four, but not just any mushroom will do. You will need to choose the biggest or smallest number, when presented with two numbers, depending on what Rony directs you to choose so listen carefully.

The last level, level five, finds you helping Rony’s friend Butterfly paint flower petals using simple addition and subtraction problems.

After completing all of the levels and the bonus game, Rony and all of his friends join together for a celebration; however, in the middle of the party is a flashing sign labeled “Tap the Worm in App Store”. If your child touches the sign, they will be taken to the App Store and out of the app.

Levels can be replayed in any order after the completion of all five levels. Use the home button to return to the main screen. On the main screen there will now be a button, in the lower right corner, for the Tap the Worm in the App Store.

It would be ideal if the developers would either remove the Tap the Worm button or at least protect it. In both cases, it is very attractive to kids and they are going to touch it.

Bottom line

Rony’s Math is fun way for young kids to work on their basic math skills in a stress-free environment.

Rony’s Math is a new terrific and very educational math game for kids 3+ which provides opportunities to explore the nature of mathematics and get lots of fun through playing with beautiful animals in a picturesque wood.

Helpful tips are included to help your child’s learning.

With Rony kids can:
-build counting skills;
-boost confidence;
-acquire proficiency in fundamental mathematical skills and in recalling basic number facts;
-improve problem-solving abilities;
-develop love of learning.

Levels are designed to give your child a real sense of achievement. This helps to boost their confidence and develop good learning habits for life. Funny minutes of tapping the worms between the levels give additional motivation.

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