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  • Rosita y Conchita in 3D
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A lovely digital storybook app that teaches children about the Day of the Dead with an easy to understand and heartwarming story.

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Rosita y Conchita is one of our featured apps in the At-A-Glance: Halloween Apps for Kids post and is a very unique 3D storybook app that tells the tale of one sister celebrating her twin sisters life as she sets up her alter on the Day of the Dead. This sweet story is great for children as it explains what the Day of the Dead is all about in a way that is easy to understand and relate to. With rhyming prose and 3D images, this story is very well done and would be a great addition to your digital library.

Features include:

  • 3D Illustrations
  • Rhyming prose
  • In-app game
  • Heartfelt story


At first glance, parents are sure to notice the wonderful 3D illustrations that are included in this app. As children read through the story, they can move the device around and watch as the illustrations change. Some of the images are also interactive so children can tap and touch various items and watch as they come to life. This set-up is perfect for the in-app search and find game that is included, making this already unique app especially engaging. The narration option also adds a nice touch and is accompanied by a very lively narrator that children will also enjoy.


With text highlighting Rosita y Conchita in 3D allows children to follow along and practice their reading skills as they read this wonderful story. Additionally, readers will learn about the Day of the Dead and be able to better understand how the alters are set up and used.

This digital storybook is also great for children that wish to practice their Spanish skills as it is offered in English and in Spanish. Children can follow along as the narrator reads and practice their own pronunciation of the various words which is great.


Not only is this heartwarming story full of great visuals to keep children entertained, but there is also an in-app game that will keep children engaged. Throughout the story there are various shells (for Conchita) and Roses (for Rosita) that are hiding within the illustrations. As children move through the story, the idea is to tap and find each rose and shell in hopes that they will find them all. At the end, they are able to see how many they have found and can go back to see if they can find the missing shell or rose.

The end of the app also includes the recipe and directions for making a sugar skull decoration as seen in the app. This is a great way for parents and children to discuss what they learned in the story and spend some time together creating a fun decoration. The last interesting activity shows readers how to draw Rosita step-by-step.

Needless to say this is a great app for entertainment.


At first glance the price might seem like a bit much, but I assure you with all the work that went into the 3D illustrations, the lovely story, and the added activities, this app is worth the money. Parents and children alike are sure to enjoy this heartwarming story that can be enjoyed more than once and when you consider what you might pay for the hard copy book, this is a good deal.

Child Friendliness

Rosita y Conchita is an app that is not only easy to use, but also good for young children as well as it contains narration options throughout.
A few things parents will want to be aware of is the fact that the main page does provide an information button that is not protected and shows links to the developer’s homepage as well as other apps by the same developer. While the buttons aren’t very large it is something to be aware of, especially if younger children will be playing with the app alone.

A lovely digital storybook app that teaches children about the Day of the Dead with an easy to understand and heartwarming story.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars