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Help the captain return a variety of animals to their natural habitats in this interactive educational app. Great for young animal lovers!

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Sailing Home-Learn Animal Habitats is a cute app that teaches children about various animals and their habitats. This simple, yet educational app is great for teaching children fun facts about what animals eat, where they live, and other interesting information that children will enjoy. With great graphics, a variety of animals to learn, and simple background music, this app is a great learning tool for young children.

Features include:

  • Animal fun facts
  • Interactive, easy to use interface
  • Great graphics


Sailing Home -Learn Animal Habitats is a wonderful app full of bright colors, animation, and narration that teaches children about a variety of animals and animal habitats. With a simple to use interface that is repetitive in nature, this app is easy to use for children of all ages. The developers have incorporated simple drag and drop technology to move animals from the ship to their natural habitat which is great for young users. The background music and narration are very well done and help to round out this high quality app to create a wonderful and fun experience.


What I love about this app is the simple yet effective way it teaches children fun facts about animals. Each session has three animals aboard the ship that needs to be taken to their home habitat. By tapping the animal, the captain of the ship shares a bit of information about the animal including the name, their natural habitat, what they eat, and how they live as a way to provide clues to help children as they drop the animal in the appropriate habitat. Once they have listened to the fun facts about the animals, they can then take a look at the map and determine which island to go to first where they will drag and drop the appropriate animal.

The developers have done a great job making the fun facts about each animal short and sweet while still providing enough information for children to learn. Animals like an elk, zebra, tiger, orangutan, kangaroo, and many more are included and children are able to work with 3 animals at a time before getting back to the main page to begin again, which is great for young children with short attention spans.


While this app doesn’t have any additional entertainment features, the app has a bit of visual appeal that will keep children intrigued as they play. The graphics and animations coupled with the background music and narration are great. There is also a part of the app where children can take pictures of the animals once they reach their home and those pictures are kept in a gallery for later viewing.

It would be nice to have an additional activity or two to help break up the repetitiveness of the app as well as to increase the entertainment value.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a good deal. There are several animals to explore with great music, animation, and narration to help children learn lots of great information. While there aren’t any additional activities, this app is still set at a good price that won’t break the bank.

Child Friendliness

Parents will be happy to know that this app is 100% child friendly and safe. Not only are there not any in app purchases, social media links, or advertisements, but the interface is very easy to use. There is a settings button that is protected that provides info about the app and two other apps by the same developer. Children do however have access to change the language and adjust the music if they choose to.

Help the captain return a variety of animals to their natural habitats in this interactive educational app. Great for young animal lovers!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars