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Help Santa find his suit (or create a new and improved suit) in this cute holiday storybook app. This is a perfect app to help children get into the holiday spirit!

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Santa’s Suit is Missing! is a cute digital storybook that is perfect for this time of year. With a holiday theme and rhyming story, children will enjoy this awesome story where they get to select their elf name and help Santa prepare for the biggest night of the year by picking helping him find his suit. This creative app is one children of all ages will love!

Features include:

  • Simple animation
  • Elf name customization
  • In-story activity with 1,000 suit combinations
  • Cute concept


Upon opening the app children are going to love the wonderful Christmas feel and the animated snow falling in each scene. While there are no additional animations within the app, the snow fall really helps to set the scene for this story and the other illustrations are brightly colored and very well done. The developers have also included an option for children to select their elf (boy or girl) and to name it whatever they choose which is a nice touch. The music and sound effects that are included also add to the holiday feel of the app and help to keep children engaged as they read.


While this app is not the most educational storybook app around, it still offers children a chance to practice their reading skills as they listen to the narrator or read to themselves. Unfortunately it does not include text highlighting that is so common in digital storybook apps these days, however early readers may still be able to move through the story with the narration.


The entertainment factor is by far one of the best attributes of this app. The story is cute and the in-app activity allows children to help Santa select his suit. By mixing and matching various hats, boots, and suits, they can create a new and improved look for Santa or go for the more common route with his red suit and black boots. This activity provides a lot of fun for children as they can go back and re-read the story all over again or just play with the many suit options to create a variety of looks. However they choose to play it, they will certainly stay engaged and entertained all the way.


Priced at just under three dollars this app might be a little more than some parents want to pay considering there are no additional activities (outside of the one included in the story) and there is no text highlighting throughout. However, the story, animations, and many suit combinations that are possible make this app great that children will enjoy for a long time.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done an excellent job making this app easy to use and intuitive for young children. With narration options, arrows at the bottom of each page, and simple tap/touch technology, children will not need a lot of assistance playing with this app. Another great thing is that there are no in app purchase links or social media links to be concerned with. Children can play freely and safely for hours.

Help Santa find his suit (or create a new and improved suit) in this cute holiday storybook app. This is a perfect app to help children get into the holiday spirit!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars