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Say Goodnight is a cute bedtime app that allows children to wind down from the day as they rock a variety of animals to sleep.

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Say Goodnight is a cute night time app that can be incorporated into the bedtime routine for children. With soothing music, a variety of animals to rock to sleep, and a night time routine that children can follow each night, this app is especially appealing for young children.

Features include:

  • Soothing music
  • 12 Animals
  • Easy to use


Say Goodnight is full of wonderful cartoon animal images, simple sound effects, and quiet music that is meant to be incorporated into the bedtime routine for children. The developers have set it up in such a way that children can explore the farm, forest, and house for various animals to put to sleep. By easily tapping and touching the windows, barn, dog house, and other images in the app, players can play at their own pace and enjoy a bit of exploratory fun. There are also very simple animations that are incorporated for each animal that bring them to life by simply tapping each animal.


While this app is not the most educational app around, it does aim to help children settle down for the evening and get ready for bed. As children tap through each of the animals and rock them to sleep by moving the device back and forth, players also learn some additional steps to getting ready for bed. In the house kids learn a bedtime routine they can replicate at home by putting toys away, changing into their pajamas, washing their face, etc.

One thing that this app did not have that could enhance the educational value, is the written name for each animal. This would not only help children learn new vocabulary words, but also allow them to work on their reading skills.


Since Say Goodnight is an app that is meant to be a visual story of sorts and is meant to help children get ready to bed by rocking a variety of animals to sleep. The cute cartoon animals and the simple sound effects that accompany each help to keep children entertained and engaged. The simple interactive piece that allows children to rock their device back and forth to put the animals to sleep is also a fun way to interact with the app. With that said, there is still some room for additional interactive pieces or games to help keep children engaged.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is a good deal. There is still room to add more interactive features that would further enhance the app, however young children will surely enjoy rocking the animals to sleep as it is set up now.

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and safe too, Say Good night is great for young children to use. With no in app purchases, social media links, or advertisements to be concerned about, parents can rest assured knowing children won’t be getting into areas they shouldn’t be. The developers have also created a user interface that allows children to explore the app without much instruction or assistance.

Say Goodnight is a cute bedtime app that allows children to wind down from the day as they rock a variety of animals to sleep.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars