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ScatterBox is based on familar pickup sticks games like Jenga. It’s a fun, well designed diversion that is appropriate for a wide age range and skills. With different levels and rewards and penalties for flies and ants, this app takes the traditional game to the next level.

ScatterBox isn’t the most exciting or innovative game in the AppStore, but it’s quite fun, so I am giving it a mild recommendation. I would like see multiplayer or non-timed modes added as I think this will make it a more interesting game and one that reflects the silly social nature of the original game.

Simple, fun, & free game based on Jenga that the whole family can play – just not at the same time! Scatterbox is the virtual version of the popular game pick-up sticks or Jenga, as it is also known. It is a simple game in which sticks are thrown in a heap. All the player has to do is pick up the topmost stick and clear the heap, right down to the last stick. One must ensure that none of the other sticks is disturbed or moved in the process.

Scatterbox is a visually stunning game, as it plays around the stationery theme of pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, scissors and more all scattered on the background of notepad paper.

The player receives a bonus in the form of a fly, but must keep a watch on red ants that begin to eat into the time. All in all a fun game with bright colours and some brain-ticking gameplay!