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Scruffy Kitty is one of those characters who is a perfect combinations of silly, fun and just an adorable “underdog” type. The illustration style is fabulous and a little like a modern update to Eric Carlé. In addition to wonderful illustrations, the British accented voice over is perfect and there are interactive elements on each page. Although, better for younger kids toddler to preschool, all my children 5, 7 & 9 enjoyed it and played the story several times. I think we would all like to know what happens to Scruffy Kitty next!

The sticker page keeps the same great illustration style, but lacks that extra ‘something” to make it great.

At $4.99 this is a very expensive eBook app and bound to put off a lot of customers.

Scruffy Kitty is a great character making this an adorable eBook for the whole family, but the price is just too expensive. The sticker page s a nice extra, but could do with more. I’d like to see what Scruffy Kitty gets up to next!

*** Top pick in 2011 Sunday Times best ever 500 app list (UK).
*** Winner of Kirkus App Reviews Gold Star Editors Rating (USA).

Say hello to the newest, most lovable digital cat on the block.

Tap pulsing objects to activate animations. Join the adorable fun loving cat as he finds all manner of ways to make himself an irresistible stray.

Follow the playful and animated illustrations and read the story in 5 languages: English, French , Dutch, Spanish, and Japanese.

Enjoy the exquisite artwork and see the playful sticker pallet too.

To turn the pages of the story, simply swipe right to left.
Print, resize and save your sticker drawings to email to your friends.