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SecureTribe is a new app designed for parents who want to use a secure social media account.  With SecureTribe, parents can share life’s memories and moments with only their closest family and friends.  I thought that this app would be perfect for those looking to have a more secure social media presence.

The app features a beautiful interface that is simple to use.  Parents can create both private and public “tribes”.  Once a tribe has been setup, parents can share photos and HD videos of their family.  The app uses secure end-to-end encryp

tion, which protects against data leaks and hacking.

SecureTribe is not just perfect for families.  This app could also be useful for co-workers, teams, fraternities and other groups that wish to have a secure social network, such as a private tribe.  With private tribes, all shared content is secure through extremely strong encryption, including all photos and HD videos that have been uploaded.  Authorized users can access the information on a private tribe because they have a unique decryption key on their device.  When it comes to adding new members to your tribe, simply send them a secure graphic invitation.

Users can also create public tribes where they may share content with anyone within the global SecureTribe community.  For instance, if you are a nature photography enthusiast, you can share pictures and videos of your favorite scenery, etc. with others in the SecureTribe community.  Or perhaps, you are on an athletic team and wish to display videos of great performances in certain games.

I thought the SecureTribe app had a unique take on how secure social media should work.  I think that this app could be useful for families, teams, artists and so on.  If you have a need for a secure social media presence, be sure to check out SecureTribe!

SecureTribe Review
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