Something should be avoid in pregnancy

Something should be avoid in pregnancy

Pregnant and become mother are vocation of women. Pregnancy is the most difficult period of women. In this period, they feel many things different from before pregnant. Their bodies change to pick a new family’s member. Here are some tips for pregnant women

Don’t wear tight clothes 

Some women in 9x generation contempt this thing. When pregnant, they still wear tight clothes. That’s not good at all. Foetus can’t develop normally if mothers wear too tight clothes.

Don’t wear high heels

Wearing high heels makes women feel more beautiful. But with pregnant women, it is so dangerous. When mothers are reckless, many bad things can happen. It can be break heels, stumble. When these things happen, it leads to many serious consequences. Mothers can be injure. Besides, miscarriage can happen. And the worst thing can happen is both mothers and foetus will die.

Mothers musn’t lay up

Lying up when pregnancy is not good for women at all. It makes mom feel difficult to sit up. Lying up also can make weight of foetus tamponade mothers’ vein area. Then, it prevent circulation of blood from the low area to mothers’ hearts. In addtion, lying up in a long time can detain transportation of nutrition and blood from mothers to foetus.

With high blood pressure mothers, lying up can effect seriously to oxy and nutrtion absorbtion process. And, pregnant women shouldn’t sit up suddenly after lying up. Mothers should lie on the side and take assistant from people around to sit up.

Climbing and overwork are taboos.

Climbing and bring heavy things shouldn’t be done by pregnant women. It can be dangerous for both foetuses and mothers. Mothers can fall and many injures will happen. The worst consequence is both foetuses and mothers can’t be rescued. So, if mother want to bring something, please request somebody around.

Don’t hunch up and down regularly

Hunching up and down is not good for women in pregnant. This posture effect mothers’ spine too much. Furthermore, it can leads to dizzy and fall. Thus, when necessary, pregnant women should do it gradually. Mothers also can request help from families’ members.

Don’t cross legs and bending knees

Crossing legs can limit blood circulation and stretch out vein. Pregnant women should sitting in closed legs and askew to one side. It will make mom feel more comfortable. Bending knees makes the lower part of back be under pressure. Thus, the best solution for pregnant women are back straight and divides pressure into 2 legs. Makes sure that 2 legs stand for 2 equal pressures.

Mothers shouldn’t make a phone call last long.

Yale medical university carried out a study. The result is radiation from mobile phone affect progression of foetuses’ brain. This research also indicates another thing. When mothers have expatiate talking habit, children born will be hyperkinetic and impair concentration.

Mothers mustn’t buy medicines and give prescription without doctors’ instruction. 

Nowadays, there are many kind of medicines in the market. Some types of them can safe for mothers, help rapid recovery but harmful for foetuses. So, when illness, mothers should consults doctors’ opinion about using medicines. Mothers mustn’t prescribe for themselves without doctors’ instruction. Using medicines in pregnant period should be careful about doses, time and kinds. It will ensure that both mothers and foetuses can be safe.

Something should be avoid in pregnancy

Pregnant women shouldn’t go to factories. 

Factories which have repair process are not safe for pregnant women. Paint, solven, preservatives, materials for seals are contain toxic and organic compounds. That’s so dangerous with pregnant women.

Mothers shouldn’t use stimulants and eat hot foods.

Eating hot foods is not good for foetuses. It will make mothers be constipation. And another consequence is baby born will be rashes.

Mothers shouldn’t use carbonated beverages during pregnancy. This kind of beverage contains biological alkali such as caffein. It can make mothers feel headache, rapid heartbeat, vomit and so on. The large amount of caffeine through umbilical cord harm for foetuses. Intellectual disabilities can appears.

Dense tea and coffee are not good for pregnant women at all. In some kind of people, dense tea are good for their health. But with pregnant women, caffeine in tea leaves can make nervous system be excited. Drink coffee and dense tea can trigger congenital anemia for babies.

In short, all mothers loves their babies like instinct. I really want to help you and your babies. So I believe that doing all these tips above, both mothers and new born babies will be fine.