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  • Sophie’s Drawings
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Review Summary:

Sophie’s Drawings guides young children through basic drawings.

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Improved in a number of ways since our first review, Sophie’s Drawings could be described a drawing tutorial for young children. The concept of the app is for kids to draw lines following the magic wand to complete the object; such as a house, octopus and more.

Features include:

  • Three drawing categories
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Child-safe environment


Sophie’s Drawings combines quality design elements in an easy to use interface. Bright colors and cheery music make the app fun to use.

Options for muting sound and music can be found in the settings, as can options for unlocking all levels and activating the more obvious line guide.

Sophie provides feedback to the user as to whether the line is drawn correctly or not. The feedback for lines drawn incorrectly does not provide positive or clear feedback. This is one area the app still needs some minor adjustments.


Divided into three categories, with five or six drawings in each, drawings are of basic things such as a house, square, boat and a cow, to name a few. If the Enable All Levels option is set to off, the user must complete one drawing before moving on to the next.

To complete a drawing the child must draw the line as directed. Various line colors and weights are available and can be easily changed as desired. Sophie provides feedback indicating whether or not the line has been drawn correctly. An option for a more obvious guide line is available in the settings. A magic wand can be used to have the line drawn for the child.


Children will enjoy using Sophie’s Drawings to learn to draw. They will especially enjoy the surprise after completing their drawing. Drawings can be saved to the photos directory or shared by e-mail, if allowed.

Changing the feedback for incorrectly drawn lines to be more positive and to better instruct the user as to what is expected will reduce a user’s frustration and improve user experience. Drawings can be repeated; however, to ensure the longevity of the app on a family’s device additional content is needed. Adding a blank page to allow the child to draw freehand would be a plus.


The current price of $1.99 is a better value than the $3.99 it was set at when we first reviewed Sophie’s Drawings. Another benefit for families, the app is now universal. A lite version is also available in iTunes. While two drawings were added since our last review, additional content is still needed.

Child Friendliness

The developers of Sophie’s Drawings have made this app a safe one for kids to use. You will not find social media buttons, external links and such where kids can access them. A protected section for parents is available, which ideally would also include the credits button currently available on the main page.

Sophie’s Drawings guides young children through basic drawings.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars