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Splash Math 1st Grade HD is a highly customizable math app that is aligned well with the Common Core Standards for first grade students. This app is an interactive workbook designed to give kids the impression they are playing a game rather than improving their math abilities. It’s more for improving or reinforcing already learned math skills, not for introducing new skills.

This app is set in an aquarium theme and has an easy to use interface; however, the user will need to be able to read, or be read to, as there is no narration. Having an option for narration would be ideal for this age group as many first grade children are still considered beginning readers.

With 15 chapters covering over 180 math topics there is plenty of content. Topics such as measurements, geometry, place values, data and graphs are just a few. Between sessions the user is given the opportunity to play fun games with the creatures they have earned. Not only can the user play with the creatures, but can learn fun facts, too.

Splash Math 1st Grade is a multi user app and can accommodate up to five users. Each user’s workbook can be customized individually and they will each have their own aquarium. Levels can be unlocked to allow the flexibility of changing the difficulty of each mode or the app can determine the difficulty based on the performance of the user.

Weekly e-mail reports, a report card and activity log are available if tracking the user’s progress is important. The app data can be backed up on cloud.

Music and sounds can be muted; the music only plays when a user is on the main menu. The user receives feedback whether or not a correct answer is selected. An in-app help section is available.

Scratch pad is a fantastic feature available in this Splash Math app also. The scratch pad feature is available at the touch of the button while the user is working through the worksheets. Using their finger the user can write in this area and then it is erased when they return to the math problem.

Unfortunately, this version of Splash Math also contains an attractive button for additional apps. One suggestion would be for the developer to move the button to the information menu and change the appearance of it.

The price tag on this app is spendy; however, whether it is worth the cost is subjective. You may want to give the lite version a try before purchasing the full version. Additional Splash Math 1st Grade versions are available in iTunes; iPhone Full and Lite, and HD Lite.

Splash Math apps are available for first through fifth grades. If you would like to read our reviews of the other Splash Math apps check out the links below:

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Bottom line

Splash Math 1st Grade HD is a well designed comprehensive math app. This interactive workbook is much more fun than paper worksheets!

Splash Math is a fun and innovative way to practice math. With 13 chapters covering over 185 math skills and an endless supply of problems, it is by far the most comprehensive math workbook in the app store.

StudyPad has the best math apps on the app store. Each app is comprehensive with virtually infinite number of questions covering wide range of topics. All the content is aligned to common core standards.

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