Splash Math – Grades 1 to 5 Review



UPDATE: The Splash Math app dropped its price! The paid version is now a one-time fee of $9.99 for one grade level or $29.99 for all five grade levels. Also, you can access Splash Math’s content on the iPad without an internet connection (unlike its competition).


Splash Math – Grades 1 – 5 is a great way to give your kids a little extra boost in their math skills.  This app was created with kids and teachers in mind.  They do a great job of integrating the Common Core Standards with a fun and visual way to practice those crucial math skills.  In this clever game-like format, kids can get that extra practice in while having a great time!

Splash math covers over 300 math concepts that range from first grade up through fifth grade.  You must create a parent account to play the app.  Once you have done that, then you can create individual profiles for up to 2 children.  These profiles are customizable to your child’s level and allow you to track each child’s progress individually.  As your child plays each game their progress is charted and tracked and in the Parent’s Section you can see the data for that child.  They give you an “Overall Performance” score as well as graphs that break down their scores by topic and show you whether your child’s performance is improving over time.

The games themselves are multiple choice questions where a problem is presented along with four possible solutions.  The child must then tap or tap and drag the correct answer.  A cute little hippo pops up in the corner to let them know if they have answered correctly.  If they have, then he gives them some sort of verbal reinforcement like, “Well Done” or “Awesome”.  If they answer incorrectly, then the correct answer appears at the bottom of the screen and shows the child why their answer was wrong.  There is also a virtual “scratch pad” where kids can use their finger to write out the problem right on the screen if they can’t do the work in their heads.

This is a very comprehensive app that includes every possible math concept your child will encounter in elementary school.  I love how all-inclusive it is.  I also appreciate avenues for creatively practicing these math skills that can be a little boring to practice by simply doing flashcards or worksheets.  I was very impressed with the Parent’s Section and how well they track the performance of each child so that I can know what areas may need some extra attention.  I do, however, have 2 complaints with this app.  First of all, you can only create accounts for 2 children with the app. For families with more than one child in elementary school it would be much better to allow more profiles.   Second, I wish it didn’t cost so darn much!  This app is a free initial download with a 7 day trial period.  If you wish to use it beyond that, you must purchase either a 1-month subscription for $9.99 or an annual subscription for $29.99.  While there are great benefits from using this app, that is just too much to for me to pay especially if only 2 of my kids can use it.  If Splash Math could allow more profiles for multiple children and lower the price a bit, then I would be much more likely to recommend it to my friends.  However, if price isn’t an issue and you only have one or two children in your family, then Splash Math would be a wonderful app for you to have.