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Spot the Jungle Animal, a sequel to Spot the Farm Animal, by GoodCore Software. It is an adorable universal app aimed at toddlers learning animals and their sounds. Are all of the animals jungle animals? Technically, probably not, but does that really matter to a toddler. What does matter is that they will have fun in this enjoyable learning environment.

This delightful app is full of bright, bold colors; fun, jungle music; lightly animated animals, which bring them alive in the minds of young children; and positive feedback and encouragement from the narrator. The narration throughout the app is crisp and clear, easy to understand at all times, even with the background music on. Navigation buttons are available on every page, including a “go to the start screen” at the end of each section.

The app is broken into two parts; Learn and Play. In the Learn section, an animal is presented, they come alive while making their sound and then the animal name is shown and spoken. Children will enjoy touching the animals more than once to hear their sound and name repeated.

During the Play section, a child is presented with five animals at a time and asked to touch a specific animal. Positive feedback is given whether the correct animal is touched or not. The child is encouraged to keep trying until they have successfully identified each of the five animals.

Options for turning the questions text, animal sounds and background music on or off are available from the Options button on the start screen. Also available in Options are buttons to rate the app, find more apps and the credits.

One improvement I would like to strongly suggest to the developer is to remove the rating and more apps buttons found at the end of the Play and Learn sections. The rating and more apps buttons are already available in the Options section, but more importantly, both buttons take the child out of the app and to locations undesirable for children.

Bottom line

Spot the Jungle Animal is an adorable app that any toddler is guaranteed to love.
Get your young ones (age ~ 2 years) to explore the wild animals in a jungle. Watch as your child gets immersed in the sights and sounds of a Jungle and runs into colorful jungle animals on their way. This app makes the animals appear “live” with subtle animations and vibrant colors. A friendly voice (think of her as your friendly preschool teacher) accompanies your child to the jungle, shows them around, and asks them to identify wild animals on the screen.

Just like any parent, we appreciate teachers who are friendly and encouraging. If the child makes a “mistake” in this app, the teacher gently – almost amused at the mistake – encourages them to try again. If the child answers correctly, the teacher applauds the effort and moves onto the next animal on the screen.

Watch as your child moves through five different jungle settings and identifies multiple animals on each screen. You will love it when kids’ eyes lighten up looking at the colorful animal characters. Regular Price: free