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This creative app allows children to use their imaginations as they create their own Sandy picture just like Nina on the Goodnight Show.

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Available on the App Store

Sprout Sandy Stories is a cute app that brings a fun piece of Sprout’s “Goodnight Show” to the comfort of your own home. This simple to use, creative app allows children to use their imaginations to create wonderful masterpieces using a virtual sand board with various stencils and traceable pictures.

Features include:

  • 5 Traceable pictures
  • 3 Stencils
  • Print, e-mail, and save options

This easy to use app is perfect for little ones itching to let their creativity shine. The sand board resembles the one Nina uses on the Goodnight Show and allows children to practice their drawing skills in a fun environment. The traceable pictures and stencils are also a wonderful addition for little ones just getting started as it assists them in creating their pictures. More advanced artists may choose to create their own pictures and craft a story to go along with it. Once the picture is complete children can print, e-mail, or save their creations for later viewing.

While the stencils and traceable pictures are great, the function that allows you to add sand to the picture is lacking a bit. The added sand doesn’t resemble the sand on the main background and looks more like a bunch of little dots as opposed to realistic sand and can cause the pictures to look a bit distorted. Even with that one issue, overall the quality of the app is still very good.

Like many creative apps, this one is meant for more creative play and doesn’t provide many educational benefits. With that said it does stimulate little one’s imaginations and may assist children in their coordination as they trace one of the 5 pictures.

The best creative apps are the ones that provide a little bit of guidance and a lot of freedom to play and this app has all of that. The traceable pictures and stencils gently guide children in creating specific pictures, but there is also freedom to draw whatever their minds can come up with. In the intro there is also a sandy story children will enjoy as they watch Nina draw and create the illustrations to go along with her story. This in combination with the tools provided for drawing, will have children creating their own works of art they will be eager to share.

Parents are sure to appreciate the price of this app as it is free. There is nothing like getting an app that will keep children busy and spark their imaginations absolutely free.

Young children familiar with the Goodnight Show on Sprout will be especially intrigued by this easy to use app because they get to craft their own pictures and stories in the same way Nina does. The stencils and traceable pictures are very easy to use and in the event children are not quite sure what to do, there is a “how to” video that will walk them through all of the options. There are no in app purchase links or links to social media to be worried about so children can draw safely.

One thing to note are the print, e-mail, and save options. The print option allows children to print their creation from whatever device they are using. The e-mail function will email a copy of the picture using the e-mail address set up on the device, and the save option allows children to save the picture to the device as well. Parents may want to supervise as children use these options to ensure their pictures aren’t being sent to someone they shouldn’t be.

Available on the App Store