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Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas puts the focus on fun, holiday themed education for the pre-k group. This collection of worksheets encourages creativity and flexible learning while reinforcing numbers, letters, colors and more, in a kid-safe environment.

The Stagecoach series of educational tools is from Dr. Lin Day, a pre-k specialist with more academic titles than you can shake a stick at and a proven 20 year track record. Working on the premise that it’s never too early to learn, the fine doctor walks the line between educational materials and fun activities with professional aplomb. The results are charming, especially in this collection of seasonal activities.

Each section of this 33 page workbook contains an activity for your child. They may be connecting the dots, working on word identification, finding lost sheep or completing any other instructions. That’s where a little hands-on help can come in handy. Since each page is a challenging task for a little learner, I think it’s best to pace your child’s exposure to the app. Asking too much too quickly can be frustrating to all parties involved. When you take it slowly, and maybe work on one or two sheets in a session, the results are pretty impressive. At the very least you’ll end up with some bright pieces of artwork for the fridge.

There are detailed suggestions for getting the most out of Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas on a helpful intro page, and navigating the app is easy thanks to a handy scrolling table of contents. The app’s sharing features are awesome, and I definitely suggest using the save and print options to get the most out of it.

Bottom line

Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas is a high quality, education-heavy digital coloring and activity book sure to spread some holiday cheer to your family.

Draw, colour, learn and share, with over 30 pages of Christmas fun for under-5s.

The value of pre-school education is too important to ignore. The benefits to the whole quality of childhood and to children in later life are immense.
Based on the original books by renowned education expert Dr. Lin Day (founder of the award winning programme Baby Sensory), Stagecoach Education: Project Christmas is the first of the series to be brought to the iPad.

Stagecoach was the first ever Educational Course developed for Under 5s and it has been helping to educate a global audience for over 20 years.

With Stagecoach for the iPad the underlying principles remain the same: A firm and solid foundation built in the early years will enable more complex structures to be built in later life. Learning to read and write should be considered in the same way as games, toys and other activities and need involve no pressure or force, but should be considered as a fun and joyful occupation. Presented as a s Regular Price: 1.99