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The Tabtor Math app is only a small part of what is offered with the Tabtor subscription service. Parents sign up for the program and are then given access to digital worksheets that are designed to help K-6 students  with their math. Children will access these worksheets using iPads and the Tabtor Math app. Parents will be able to see how their children are progressing and they’ll also receive regular performance updates. What’s really great about all of this is that Tabtor Math isn’t a bunch of worksheets that have been put together so that an app can provide feedback based on the child’s responses. Instead, each child is assigned an instructor and they review the worksheets and diagnostic tests, providing feedback to the students and reports to the parents. In addition to that, depending on your subscription level, you and your child can also have a weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one session with the instructor via Facetime. The Tabtor Math app itself is easy to use and allows for multiple users. Children will be able to quickly find their new worksheets as well as the ones that have been returned by their instructor. When they have been given feedback they’ll receive a notification and they can go in and read the comments from their instructor. Tabtor offers a free two week trial which provides enough time for families to get a feel for the app and decide whether or not it will be beneficial for their children. After the trial period a subscription will be needed to continue using the service. Details about pricing and what’s included within each package can be found on the Tabtor website. For our family the subscription is a bit beyond our current budget, especially if we were to sign up more than one child. But if one of them was struggling in Math this would be something that we’d take a serious look at and consider budget rearrangements, because given our schedules finding time for traditional tutoring would be tough. Overall I think that Tabtor Math could be tremendously helpful for busy families and the system looks like it’s  designed to support and help children in a very positive way.








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