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  • Tap and Learn ABC
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Tap and Learn ABC is a useful app that makes a great introduction to letters, keywords, and beginning sounds for young children or special needs students.

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Tap and Learn ABC helps young children learn to match alphabet letters with their pictures to reinforce sound-symbol correspondence. There is a teaching mode that shows children letters, keywords and sounds, three levels of matching activities, and a game that mimics the popular ninja format.

Features include:

  • Visual and auditory cues for each letter, its keyword and its sound
  • Bright, colorful design
  • Clear human voice for letter sounds and keywords
  • Support for English, Spanish and French
  • Free sample letters A-H (in a separate free version of this app)


This app is very high quality. The illustrations and letters are clear and bold, the narration is well-spoken, and the app’s design is simple enough for even toddlers to enjoy independently. One concern is that the parents’ section seems to be missing a lot of captioning. The symbols for social media, the internet, email and ratings are clear enough, but there is apparently a leveling system, and something that has green checkmarks on each level, but there are no captions showing to help an adult figure out what’s going on.


Tap and Learn ABC uses proven techniques to help young learners master the relationship between letters, keywords and letter sounds. The Alphabets level allows them to see and hear the letter and the keyword. The Puzzle level offers three levels of difficulty for matching exercises, and the Ninja level adds some visual-motor challenges as players tap pictures falling that begin with the proper letter or have the proper name.

The app is well-designed for the very young. There are no confusing menus, and developers have included clear oral directions for many things, as well. It’s also an interesting option to have a choice of three languages. It’s a well-known fact that children in this age group have a strong ability to learn different languages if they are introduced to them. This would be a good tool to do just that.


This is a very simple app, designed for very young children. That makes it perfect for inexperienced players and even for special needs students. With few bells and whistles, older or more able children may quickly become bored with the format. The entertainment value lies mostly in the ninja game, and perhaps in the animations that are designed to make letters more memorable. If your child needs a more low-key approach to practice, it’s absolutely perfect.


It’s great that developers offer a free “trial” version of Tap and Learn ABC (in a separate free version of this app). Users can try out letters A-H to get a feel for the activities, then can purchase the rest of the alphabet when they find how much kids benefit from the practice.

Child Friendliness

Tap and Learn ABC is very child-friendly. In addition to the well-protected parents’ area, developers have gone out of their way to make the app simple to use. It’s perfect for the very young, with very intuitive design for choosing activities and levels, as well as for learning how to play.

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Tap and Learn ABC is a useful app that makes a great introduction to letters, keywords, and beginning sounds for young children or special needs students.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars