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  • The Happy Star
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Send kids to bed with a reminder to fill their days with kind acts so they can brighten their own personal stars.

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What kid wouldn’t love to have his own star? The Happy Star tells the story of a young boy who wants to find his own star in the sky. Unfortunately, with all the other stars, his star is hard to find. He sets out to perform acts of kindness to help his star shine brighter than them all. This cute story, with a good message, will encourage young kids to do acts of kindness so they can find their own stars shining brightly in the sky.

Features include:

  • Read and Listen Options
  • Animated Illustrations
  • Instrumental Background Music
  • Calm, Soothing Narration
  • Encourages Kindness


The story makes the perfect bedtime story, especially with its soothing background music and soft illustrations. With the app’s simple design, kids can get right to the story, choosing to read or listen to a narrator whose voice is just right for a bedtime story. The only lack of quality is in the animated illustrations where the animations seem a bit random and are not very involved.


Kids will learn a good lesson about kindness as they read through this story. It provides kids with ideas of how they can find ways to be kind to people around them. The story is also simple enough to make it good for building beginning reading skills, although it lacks text highlighting which could make it a much better reading resource.


Rather than winding kids up, the story is designed to wind kids down. They’ll enjoy the stories and the cute illustrations, as well as some of the animations they see. However, the animations in the story are kind of letdown. In many cases they don’t react enough for kids to really notice what’s happening. The app also doesn’t include any other activities for kids to complete after reading the story.


While the story lacks text highlighting and a large amount of animation, it is also priced lower than many other animated eBooks. Its price makes it a worthwhile buy and a great addition to your bedtime eBook collection.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find it easy to navigate through the pages of the story and won’t be distracted by parent sections. An about button appears on the main screen which gives kids access to information about the app, but the links to share the app on Facebook and Twitter are protected by a parental block.

  • Protected parental area
  • NO in-app purchases
  • NO third-party ads
  • YES links to social media (protected)

Send kids to bed with a reminder to fill their days with kind acts so they can brighten their own personal stars.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars