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Theasaurus is an easy to use educational app that teaches children a variety of words and their synonyms in a challenging word match game.

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Theasaurus is a great educational app that teaches children 160 vocabulary words in a fun game like setting. With three difficulty levels to work through the app provides a wide range of words that can be practiced and learned while also including a glossary for children to use to learn new words.

Features include:

  • Glossary
  • 160 Vocabulary words
  • 3 Difficulty levels


Theasaurus is a unique educational app with that is very easy to us. The concept is quite simple as children must match the given word with its synonym in a list that is provided. The user interface is very intuitive as it only requires simple tap and touch technology to move through the game and select the correct word. There is some background music and narration of each of the words that is an added bonus for children and very well done.


With 160 words to learn this app has tons of educational value. The glossary includes a long list of all of the words and their definitions that players can read through for practice. The game provides a fun way to test what they have learned by matching the given word with its synonym out of a list of 4 other words. There is no time limit for each set which provide children with as much time as they need to think through the words. There are also 3 levels increasing in difficulty and players must complete each previous level before unlocking the next.

While there are a great deal of words for children to learn it seems the developers are using UK English. Adding a US English option would be a great addition and help make the app a bit easier for children who are not accustomed to the UK English words like (mum & rubbish).


While most of the app is based around the game itself it is a bit limited in the entertainment value. Adding another activity to play with the synonyms in the form of a game would definitely make this app more engaging. The developers have included a high score tracking option that makes it a bit more fun for children who enjoy a good challenge of beating their highest score etc.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app isn’t going to break the bank. When you consider the number of vocabulary words there are to learn and practice, it is priced well.

Child Friendliness

Overall this app is great for kids to use since the user interface is quite intuitive. With simple tap and touch functioning, children will have no problem moving through the app and if they do the developers have also included a simple ‘how to’ area to explain things a bit more.

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Theasaurus is an easy to use educational app that teaches children a variety of words and their synonyms in a challenging word match game.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars