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Digital magazine gives kids something to look forward to each month, combining games and learning activities to create a busy, but entertaining app.

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Theo&Julia Children’s Magazine strives to bring engaging content to preschoolers through a monthly digital magazine. Each month parents opt to subscribe to this digital magazine turned app, kids get access to fun new games that have them solving puzzles, finding their way through mazes, making matches, and enjoying other basic activities. Each month, the content varies a little, so kids will get access to a variety of different games and a different letter of the alphabet. While the app’s description highlights short stories, fun videos, art, and cultural appreciation, the real focus of the magazine is on its games and having fun while building academic and motor skills.

Features include:

  • Peppy background music
  • Available in 9 different languages
  • A variety of activities
  • New issue every month


Perhaps its the peppiness of the background music, but the magazine has a very busy feel. Kids will want to move quickly through each of the activities. Thankfully, most of the activities, aside from the letter tracing, move quickly with them and prove to be very responsive. Each edition of the magazine is clearly designed with kids in mind too. They feature bright colors, kid-friendly cartoonish graphics, and pictures to show what activity kids will complete in each section of the magazine. Some activities could use a few more clues to help kids get started, but all in all, they’re fairly intuitive and fun to play.


Each month, the magazine highlights a different letter of the alphabet. Kids trace the letter and complete other activities, such as identifying pictures and words that start with that particular letter. Other activities introduce kids to numbers, shapes, and concepts such as music. Aside from the letters, the actual academic content varies with each monthly issue. The developer also advertises teaching kids about emotions, art, and other cultures, as well as providing them with short stories, but if these aspects exist, they’re hard to find and get lost in the midst of all of the games kids play. Despite the lack of this advertised content, kids will still build some basic skills and improve their motor skills.


Each edition has over 10 different activities for kids to play, providing kids with plenty to keep them entertained. Even if an edition contains the same type of activities as a previous edition, kids will be exposed to new graphics and a slightly new focus to each game. As kids play the games and complete the activities, they’ll be rewarded with cheers, laughter, and other positive responses, encouraging them to play more and more.


A single edition of the magazine comes free with a download of the app. From there, parents can opt to purchase additional editions either individually or as part of a monthly subscription plan. Purchasing a longer subscription lowers the price of each individual edition, making them slightly more affordable and worth the price, but parents may want to purchase editions individually to make sure their children enjoy them before committing to a longer subscription.

Child Friendliness

The main screen of the app brings up the most recent editions of the magazine and gives users the option to purchase them. A parental gate keeps kids from purchasing editions, but they may still click to preview the other editions before accessing the free edition or previously purchased editions. On the main screen, kids and parents can also select from one of nine languages. Once in the magazine, kids can only access the games, although the final activity on each screen is actually a promotion of other apps by the developer. Aside from the final activity, kids will find that most activities are fairly intuitive and fun to play. If they don’t understand what to do at first, they will usually receive an audio or video clue to help them figure out.

Digital magazine gives kids something to look forward to each month, combining games and learning activities to create a busy, but entertaining app.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars