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Review Summary:

An Adventure Time runner game that is full of fun challenges and quests for players to complete in order to fix time again.

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Time Tangle-Adventure Time is a fun free play app that children will love, especially if they are fond of the Adventure Time characters. This adventurous app takes players on a journey to fix the time tangle issue by chasing down villains, punching things, and collecting coins and other rewards. With a random quest generator, players are able to play this open ended game for hours.

Features include:

  • Random quest generator
  • Free play runner game
  • Simple interface


Time Tangle-Adventure Time is a fairly simple to use runner game that fans of Adventure Time will love. The developers have done a nice job creating an app that is easy for children to play by simply tilting their device, and touching the screen to jump and punch. While the visuals aren’t crystal clear, they do the job and the added sound effects make for a fun, good quality app.


Not rated for education.


The object of the game is to fix time by hitting and punching bad guys, saving friends, and collect coins and other rewards to help restore order. The joy of this free-play app is that there is a random quest generator that dictates what the object of each quest is and adds a bit of surprise and interest to the game. With a gallery of achievements, friends, & villains, players can keep track of the encounters they have made in the game as they play. With so many villains to defeat and objectives to complete, this app is one children will be able to enjoy for hours.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app isn’t one that will break the bank and parents will definitely appreciate that. The free play set up also allows children to make the most of this runner game as they play for hours on end at a really great price. Overall, this is a good value.

Child Friendliness

While this app is set up specifically for children who love Adventure Time, parents may want to know there is some crude humor including ‘buns’ etc. along with some violence with hitting and punching as the name of the game. Parents may decide this app is not the best idea for young children. The set up of the game is fairly easy to follow with a simple ‘intro’ video and trial option that introduces players to how to play the app.

  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

An Adventure Time runner game that is full of fun challenges and quests for players to complete in order to fix time again.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars