Tips For Improving Your Daughter’s Self-Esteem, Part 1

Want to ensure your daughter grows up to be a strong, confident adult? Of course you do. Example is one of the main ways you do this, however plenty of other tips and tricks exist for ensuring your female spawn grows up to be the powerful woman you want her to be. Check out a few tips to help make this happen.

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Take Pride In YOUR Appearance

As previously mentioned, setting a good example is a parenting essential. If you constantly make negative comments about your appearance, i.e. you’re “too fat,” “have bad hair,” and “always put your makeup on wrong,” what message do you think you are sending to your daughter? Being vain isn’t going to help, but being confident and taking pride in your attributes is a wonderful thing. Emphasize what is great about you on the inside as well, such as your job skills, ability to make one amazing dinner after another, your proficiency with vehicle repairs, etc.

Avoid Making Negative Comments

Take a moment to think about your own mother. Did she make negative comments about your appearance or anything else about you? How did that make you feel? If your mom did make comments that made you feel terrible, do you really want to do the same to your daughter? You are the biggest influence in your daughter’s life, and her role model. If you make disparaging comments, don’t be shocked if she doesn’t think much of herself…and acts accordingly.

Emphasize Her Talent As Well As Her Beauty

Emphasize your daughter’s talents as well as her physical appearance. Does she have thick, fabulous hair? Tell her. Is her ability to throw a softball unparalleled? Tell her. Does she steal the show every time she appears in a school musical? Tell her. Does her skin always look flawless? Tell her.

Ensure She Stands Up For Herself

Avoid raising your daughter to be a “people pleaser.” This never does anyone any good, and will only result in poor self-esteem. Talk to her about the importance of standing up for what she believes in, whether it is a social cause or her friend who is being bullied. Ask her what she wants to achieve in high school, college, life…and let her make her own choices.

These are just some of the ways to foster excellent self-esteem in your daughter! Look for Part Two of this article for more great tips!