Tips For Throwing The Perfect Family Playdate

Want to throw a family playdate event everyone will talk about for the next few weeks? Of course you do! Use the following tips and tricks to ensure your upcoming playdate event is a huge success:

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Numerous Activities

Prevent boredom from occurring during your playdate event by offering a wide variety of activities. Provide indoor and outdoor activities, for example outdoor activities could include a slip-n-slide, Badminton, sidewalk chalk, obstacle course, balls of assorted sizes, and anything else you know the kids will love. Indoor activities can include craft stations, video games, board games, kitchen activities such as cookie baking, etc. Ask your kids what kind of activities they and their friends like best before planning the event.

A Great Buffet

Provide buffet-style meals at your next playdate. You don’t have to go overboard and spend a ton of money, however a few staples such as pretzels, chips and dip, cookies, cheese and veggie plates…think of what you and your adult friends like, as well as what will make the children jump up and down with excitement. As far as drinks go, make sure you have plenty of water, as well as juice for the kids and perhaps one type of soda. If you want to go the extra step and provide alcoholic beverages such as mimosas and Bloody Marys, go for it.

Guests Who Get Along

Whatever else, make certain the people you invite actually get along! Throwing a get-together where most or all of your guests don’t like each other is a recipe for disaster, so sidestep that land mine by ensuring everyone on your guest list can at least be civil.


Don’t forget about invitations, as it’s very hard to plan a family playdate when you have no idea how many people are coming. Send invites about three weeks in advance to allow for optimal planning, and remember to specify whether guests need to bring anything, such as a beverage or appetizer. Also remember to include necessary details such as your address, phone number, and email. Send invites through snail mail or do them online…either way, let everyone in on what’s happening sooner rather than later.

Keep these simple tips in mind and enjoy throwing a playdate everyone is sure to love. Make them a monthly event or switch up with family and friends so everyone has a chance to create a memorable playdate experience.