Trees are Best FACT - hedgehog lab

Trees are Best FACT is an adorable app that’s beautifully illustrated and wonderfully narrated.

The story centers around Oliver a boy who just really loves trees. Throughout the app cute animations and interactions combine with tree facts to tell a great story.

Issues: The occasional British English spelling might be an issue with an American audience.

Bottom-line: Love the way it inspires the eco warrior in kids!

Join 8 year old Oliver T. Baker, as he shows you exactly why Trees are Best (and diggers are not), in this fully interactive picture book exploring the beauty and wonder of trees.

This inspiring app blends beautiful illustration with hours of fun, through animated features and a specially designed art page, allowing you to draw your very own tree and share with all your friends.

Written and illustrated by the award winning design studio Firecatcher and brought to life by hedgehog lab.


– Interactive elements to every page with hints to help you discover them
– Original story
– Fantastic interactive drawing page, with the function to share your picture via Facebook and email.
– Narration
– Animations and sound effects

Coming soon:

We have an exciting update already in the works which will take the interactive experience to the next level. Here are some of the things still to come,

– Build your own tree house.
– Oliver’s Tree Fact Book.